Sunday, February 26, 2006

MC-RMC Weekend

Some updates from MC-RMC Weekend:

- it is safe to say that koleq actually "walloped" RMC. We won rugby, English debate, basketball, volleyball and lost football and BM debate. So that's a 4-2 to us (the visitor mind you).

- the English debate (our first team) was good and fun. A scores of former debaters and old boys attended the debate, our thanks to Suhaimi Sulaiman (Class of 80), Ben (Class of 90), Faiz and Min the wife (Class of 91), Rizal (Class of 92), Canoe (Class of 93), Allen (Class of 94), Zaaba, Dzuf and Izrin (Class of 2000). I was particularly quite proud of them since they had improved a lot and incorporated whatever comments we had been giving them since 2003.

- the BM debate (our second team) was quite a disaster, but the boys worked hard for it. We were sometimes too harsh in our feedback that I felt guilty afterwards, especially considering it was the first time the two of the debaters (one in F2 and one in F3) debated for koleq. I think the fact that RMC had never beaten us in BM debate in recent memories (even when we sent our second team) added to the over critical feedback to the boys. But as Ben put it, it's better to lose a friendly debate if losing it means rectifying many weaknesses in our arguments and performance, in preparation for bigger tournaments. Our thanks to Ucop (Class of 93) and Izzat (Class of 04) who joined the coaches and old boys team for the debate.

- Volleyball game was fun, we won 3-1. At some points I actually felt for the RMC boys as losing at your own turf is always a painful experience, whether you are RMC or MCKK boys. But the boys from both teams tried their best - even the cheering squad from RMC did their part - but it's healthy to see that they lost to a better team.

Some observations during the carnival:

i) I was surprised at how much RMC boys had changed in terms of "discipline" from our time. We had always had a grudging respect for RMC boys back then for their high discipline in public, after all they were trained the military style. But the display in the auditorium on Friday night was quite disappointing because they even jeered at their own team (though they were very polite to us and MC boys). The last speaker gave up speaking altogether at one point because of the noise and jeering from their own camp.

Having been a debater myself back then, I could understand how it feels to be jeered by your own schoolmates in front of a visiting team! We joked around that if old boys complain that present MC boys are not as "disciplined" as they were in the yesteryears, we should send them (the complaining old boys) to RMC ha ha.

ii) A friend from another elite SBP school who tagged along innocently made this comment after all budak koleq had taken their place in the auditorium: "Apsal budak koleq sekarang buruk2 hah?"

iii) During the volleyball game, the small no's of budak koleq who were at the court were extremely quiet. Strange enough, most of the shouts and "cheering" coming from MCKK camp was from the teachers and old boys. If it had been our team back then, I would be near dancing near the court waiting for the whistle!

So things do change over the years - some changes were good while the merits for other changes are more debatable!


  1. Budak koleq nowadays tak put up cheering cam org giler ke?
    Mcm Ja a (92) penah sound aku masa tgh cheering, "Ko ni nak cheering ke nak tgk game?". Masa tu aku tgh tergamam tgk game best. hehehe.
    Tapi Mpro and the gang tak penah sound aku cam tu..hehehe

  2. ha ha the funniest thing about cheering and Ja'a yang aku boleh ingat was one cheering practice in 92, combined for our batch and 9195.

    Ja'a approached Jani (95) and tanya out loud (dalam suara gerun dia) -

    "Kau tahu Jingkling Nona tak?"

    Jani dengan confidentnya jawab:


    So Ja'a pun suruh lah nyanyi...

    Jani: "Jingkling Nona Jingkling Nona manis sekali..."

    instead of:


    Ha ha ha aku tak tahu dah apa yg jadi lepas tu sebab the hall must have gone hysterical lepas tu...

  3. To hucs: Dah tentu la kita org tak sound F5, kita org sound F3 le, macam ko kena dgn Ja'a la... Nak citer ke sapa F3 yg kena sound. Aku takut nanti ruff banned aku from entering this blog... hahahaha

    To noni kapet: Rizal 92 tu sapa? Bukan Rizal Zakaria kan?.. Another thing, kalau aku pun, aku nyanyi macam Jani tu nyanyi... hahahaha... Jingling Nona Jingling Nona, manis sekali...

  4. macam cerita 'J' je. Ja a, Jani jingkling nona..hehehe

  5. Haah apsal budak koleq sekarang tak berapa speret (betul ke eja ni?) lagi masa cheering heh? Dulu masa kat koleq kalau masa before game and masa brotherhood, punya la best. bergegar padang hoki. terus naik je rasa masa game.

    In fact antara event paling best masa cheering bile U-18 KK Champ dulu. Perghhh cheering bagai nak giler, siap lari ke belakang (ke masjid) bila koleq score. Budak kelipod tengok, blur je....

    p/s - takde sape-sape nak cerita pasal incident cheering kat tar hall + kebulur cekodok (tea)?

  6. Mpro - kau sound f3 sebelah katil aku ke?

    Kalau kau tak cakap pun, it's a good reason untuk aku contact dia and just confirm!

    Selamba sound tak cakap, lepas tu kalau dia bad mood aku yg kena? Poo dahhh...

    Baik kau ckp kau sound sapa?

  7. Dah tentu la aku sound yg tak jambu... aku respect kawan2 punya... lagipun macam mana ko nak sound jambu, belum sempat sound je, afza dah jeling... hahahaha

  8. Setinggan Overfloor11:09 PM

    kes kerbulur cekodok tea ni jadik kat sapa sebenonye hah? my memory fails me la...

    anyway the scene of somebody flying over the hall's desk keeps playing in my mind...

  9. Honestly, no fight. However, our team should slow down a bit and be a wee-bit-more stylist.

    Suhaimi Sulaiman
    75-79, Ahmad House
    Piala Perdana Menteri Finalist (But we lost to STF during the 'live' telecast that year. The next year we won, but I was not in the team as I was drafted to US oredi...)

  10. Opps sorry for the mistake there - Class of 79. We always thought that you were from Class of 80, since you were in the winning team.

    Anyway, yeap - they need to slow down a bit and control the over-excitedness, a point that is drilled to them from day one.

    But hang around, the next tournament is UIA 13 - 18 April. Wait till you see other schools, then selalunya memang tak fight. It's only a question whether judges nak bagi menang ke tidak.