Sunday, April 09, 2006

Events & Updates

1) Koleq was the champion for BM debate and basketball for the Northern Zone competition this week. Cagers outplayed STAR by 67-20 in the final.

2) UIA Inter-school National Debating Competiton is from 15th to 18th April. The first debate is around 2 pm at UIA Main Campus this Saturday.

3) Some people plan to go to Old Boys Weekend this year (no more comments beyond that)

4) Auzir is planning to get married during the next school holiday in Karai, so if you plan to go, please book your time.

5) Wong just had baby girl/boy (?)

6) Gadap is going to Japan for 6 months, hopefully not to plant bombs in the subway!

7) Badut is now engaged and plans to get married by the end of the year. He gave away his fiancee's identity when he keeps blaming her hair as the reason why he appears shorter than her. To Marge Simpson, welcome to our big "Class of 94" family.

8) Bobo on a "rejuvenation" honeymoon for a week - after completing the first 6 years of marriage. Did sit down with them (Bobo & wife) and Jita & girl-friend last 2 weeks, the marriage still looks intact despite Bobo's constant preying eyes.

9) The annual insanity has set in. Tik tok tik tok. Scary.

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