Thursday, August 17, 2006

Elves Leaving The Shore

Fly came to visit me at my office yesterday. I am about to move on again from this office and dia baru datang visit ha ha.

Anyway this entry is not about Fly or me – as always, it’s about koleq.

While we were casually chatting about work, life etc. (Fly deep in thought as usual) I got a call. A familiar voice, someone I cherished from my younger days as a student. I then put the speaker phone on, so that Fly could listen as well – after all; the topic was close to both of us i.e. MCKK.

Let’s call this caller Deepthroat (for lack of a better name).

We chatted about how things were going on, about the “divide and rule”, about the mounting damage inflicted on MCKK, about the morale, about the diminishing values from an institution synonymous with values (rather than paper achievement), about “sectarian” and “partisan” camps, about the erosion of culture of independence (through the weakening of KPKM), about unethical politicking – basically about the rot that’s taking place.

Deepthroat then dropped the bombshell – DT (don’t want to indicate the gender here ha ha) is going to leave koleq as soon as DT could secure DT’s transfer, because DT cannot take it anymore. DT was pushed to the wall and dedicated as DT was, the love for a school is just not worth the hassle.

I was supposed to be surprised. I wanted to be surprised – but it was not surprising that I was not surprised.

I have had conversation with one or two before and some did lament on the physical and emotional toll they had to endure – and the possibility of leaving. If I make the call, I wouldn’t want anyone of them to leave. I had grown up with them, my life was touched by their kindness and sincerity. They provided so much colour to my life and I go back to Kuala once in a while to have coffee with them – not really because of the school. They have become family.

And slowly – these people who are highly dedicated to the values of MCKK, are leaving. One must wonder what on Middle-Earth is going on that this is happening.

The Elves are leaving the shores; Middle-Earth is no longer what it was. The magic is dying. All that remains are mediocre Men with their greed and contempt for the ways of the old. They have forgotten what makes Middle-Earth magical in the first place.


  1. Setinggan Overfloor5:25 PM

    Much has been said, little has been done.

    people like you, yang sanggup menghabiskan duit, tenaga, masa, wang ringgit...kudos to you, keep it up.

    Compared to us, I think the teachers yang mengajar and learn to love koleq in the process are more rightful to put on the college tie & college colours for their immense, immeasurable contributions.

    Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas...

  2. duit & wang ringgit sama laaa ha ha

    you summed it up perfectly (and i will repeat this many times in the future):

    - actually those teachers like sherry, umi, mr anand, tan gim hoe, liew (and all those wonderful teachers) have earned more right to put the ties than the bickering and whining old boys, the majority of whom don't do anything but complain.

    Kudos - that's worth quoting in the future!