Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Leman Menang

This is a bit out-dated but the significance of this one event should not escape our attention. I must record it because the next time it happens I might not be around.

Sulaiman House, the House known for transforming sportsmen into fat boys by the time they reach Form 5 [Note 1] finally made it to the top after almost 3 decades I guess (OK I exaggerate, I think the last time Leman won was early or mid-80s?).

Yeap my fellow useless Leman skivers of the 90s generation - Leman House won Sports Day this year! Who came next is immaterial and eclipsed by this one big achievement.

Towards Greater Achievement! [Note 2]

[Note 1]
A living embodiment of this special "talent" that only Leman House possess is Che Tam. Che Tam was a lanky and slim boy in F1 who actually made it to the 8 x 100 F1 team. He literally flew away to the finishing line ("flew" referring to his style of sprinting; his arms were like bird wings ha ha - not a connotation to describe the speed).

By the time Che Tam was in Form 5, I doubt he collected 3 points for the house. He kept a running tab at Kapet and known to have the highest balance on Mak Cik Kapet's Sales Ledger! If there was an award for top weight gainer for the period of 1990 to 1994, Che Tam would have been a serious contender (amboi sedapnya aku kutuk Che Tam).

Early in the year in 1994, the Captain-elect (Mejar Capoe) announced that those who failed to contribute 5 points to the House would have to pay RM5. Big mistake it was, many of us in Form 5 paid the penalty there and then. I did not have a shred of guilt when I skived throughout Sukantara/Heat Games in 1994 as I had done my due as a responsible house member. I had sacrificed my RM5 in exchange for the 5 points.

Unsurprisingly, Che Tam would have paid even if the penalty was RM50!

[Note 2]
The problem with Leman begins with the motto. "Towards Greater Achievement" we were urged, but the specific details of that "greater achievement" was never defined. Remaining at the bottom year in year out, with incremental improvement in the total points collected, would have met the criteria of "towards greater achievement".

Worse still, even the intention of improving our standing, without ever putting in the efforts - would also have met the criteria; as from my interpretation by "towards" the motto implies even "niat" to move towards greater achievement would have been sufficient.

ps: Dooohhh! The writer's block effect is really bad.