Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fazurin Has Left The Room

Fazurin boarded the flight to the US to further his studies tonight.

Over the last 16 years, there was only a brief period of a few years that he wasn't around among our circles. I left early for UK in January 95, he then went on to Italy for his IB until 1996. He joined us again in the UK until his graduation in 2000 - a permanent feature in our mad annual routine of singing "Kolej Melayu", "Gemilang" or "Panggilan Haji" at Trafalgar Square celebrating New Year.

Fazurin is perhaps my best friend from the earliest koleq days that I can remember. He is not the nicest to me (ha ha) and there were many times we were at loggerheads in our opinions - but he had always been staunch in his support for whatever path I took since koleq days. We always happened to belong to the same thing since F2 - the common grounds between us include BRU (ha ha laugh as you want, but Fazurin and I WERE among the 5 budak BRU chosen from our batch in 91/92 before we found our calling in other fields), Warta KPKM, KPKM, debating teams, Editorial Board, the "One's Thoroughbred" (stayed in 1 PK 1 - 2 PK 1 - 3 PK 1 - 4 Sc 1 and 5 Sc 1) and many others.

At the moment when I was at a loss of whom should I ask to go to Prep School in January 1994 in my place, I turned to Fazurin - who gracefully fulfilled a friend's request (albeit a very selfish and self-serving request).

We shared similar passion and interest vis-a-vis our lamentation and cries of the deterioration in the society, especially among the Malays and the inter-racial relationship in this country. Though I am only an arm chair critic without any expertise in any field, Fazurin can easily qualify to give expert opinions on matters of Malay history, languages and cultures.

I personally feel he is the most intellectual person in our batch, and certainly one of the most intellectual of his generation. I rarely bow down to anyone in most things (ha ha I guess this doesn't surprise anyone), but I defer to Fazurin on many things.

We even end up living in the same area ha ha.

Perhaps our closeness can be explained by the fact that both of us come from working class families and are extremely proud of that origin. Of all people, I think Fazurin has conquered the most to come out as among the best in our batch - for someone who initially was quite timid from my recollection of his early days in Prep School, it is a tall order to be as knowledgable and confident (and I can add "hot-headed" to the list) as he is, on top of his ability to master seven foreign languages as if he is a native speaker.

His absence is a great loss and leaves a big vacuum. I lose the head coach for the English debating team and it's almost impossible to find his replacement. I lose a friend who would pester me every weekend for a healthy walk around our neighbourhood.

I lose an intellect to whom I can look up to and challenge my own intellect (or whatever little intellect I have) every now and then.

I fear he will not come back - but what is a small loss to me and my circles, is a big gain to this country and the nation. Go to the World Bank or UN and proves that being a Malay from Aloq Setaq who grew up in a small town called Kuala Kangsar does not make us any less than those who come from Manhattan or Kensington.

To Fazurin if you are reading this - Heaven smiles upon us for all the long years of friendship, Heaven smiles at you for how far you have come in life thus far. Good luck and come back sometimes.


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    as per informed by our jr, ayai 96 kena masuk sunway medical center due to some lung problem..

    sapa sapa nak visit :
    Level 4
    Ward 483-4
    phone 012-3701057

  2. komen takdak kaitan dengan posting nih...letak le dekat foyer.

  3. ha ha fect on duty marah dah ni. ko nak hantar dia confinement ke?

    tp gaya mcm our batch je, sbb siap tulih "our jnr" - which goes to my next comment -> waaaah who the hell is this, even aku pun tak dak no ha ha ha

    Ni siap ward no lagi maaa... must be really close.

    The last time I saw the mentioned patient was in 2001 in London I think.

    Interested laa jugak aku nak tahu who is this anonymous guy - my guess is Bobo since Bobo dok mencongak2 kalau dia bercouple ngan Yai dulu sure king and (hmm was abt to put queen but then that just sounds gross) "king" of jambu koleq nya.

    It's friday and i still hv tonnes of work to clear, it's a miracle i didn't drop dead yesterday.

    and the f**king budget increased computer allowance to computer relief maaaaa..... i can't buy another computer.

    ok went bonkers already, bye bye.

    * still kena confinement ke ni?

  4. Anonymous9:12 PM

    "The last time I saw the mentioned patient was in 2001 in London I think."

    Hmmm.. last year masa centenary celebration kat koleq ko ada jumpe kan? Heh.. buat2 lupe plak..

  5. ha ha amnesia.

    ni mesti bobo, sebab aku jalan ngan kau cross padang nak gi ke khemah/port kita.

    so ko sorang je jadi witness ha ha ha.

    ok i stand corrected, last time aku jumpa dia last year.

    * ada jugak orng ingat benda2 mcm ni.

  6. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Bukan kau jumpa dia masa mcoba futsal ke? A case of selective amnesia?

  7. Anonymous12:46 AM

    this mcoba futsal is more recent that the centenary celebration kan?

    Hmm... senang citer nak tutup case, ko ngaku aje la baru petang semalam ko jumper die..

  8. ok let's get technical here.

    tu kira x jumpa sebab dia happened to be there, it wasn't as if either one of us chatted ke apa ha ha ha

    the one in london and at ccd ada laa bertegur sapa

    woi dah le tu... aku kena buat new posting to push this downwards...