Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Carey Award Alaf Baru

The discussion on 2008's Sukantara Reunion has stirred so much excitement.

One proposal which was adopted (can't even remember whose idea was it) was to re-award Carey Award during the reunion - however it shall be based on a new set of criteria.

And guess what is the criteria?

No. 1 ranked paling banyak hantar e-mail ke batch mailing list between now and then.

And the results? Between semalam and today alone ada >500 e-mails! I have to spend 2 hours cleaning mailbox today ha ha ha.

And worse still, some people ask stupid questions just to notch their position higher ha ha.

ps: I am sure it will die down in 2-3 days' time, so Gadap (with his e-mail2 fwd) will still be the favourite to win 2008's Carey Award.


  1. kalau # of emails tie, comment kat sini akan digunakan sebagai 'tie-break'

    singgora2 tu chamat ke? alamak..teruk aa cam ni...e27 pun ada slalu kat sini

  2. aku rasa singgora gora bukan chamat...

  3. ha ha takkan tie nya, melihatkan semua orng x ingat dunia.

    aku x delete e-mails for one day nak check banyak mana -> la ni dah sampai 1000++.

    Giler apa ha ha.

  4. chamat12:07 PM

    bukan singgora la, signora - dia dia bukan aku. kuasa la aku nak tanya siapa dia kalau itu aku kan??

  5. aku rasa signora tu bobo.

    nama lama dia masa dia jadi member cum jambu public blood brothers dulu ha ha ha

  6. 90053941:17 AM

    just for the sake of being in the race, aku pun post this statement in this link.

  7. ha ha fadli, agak laa kiasu korang ni..

    tak de can nya, memang gadap, chamat ngan epit akan bring the whole google server down ha ha ha