Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Official: Sukantara 2008!

AJK Internet aka Awie (ha ha budak2 la ni sepatutnya bila pilih AJK Batch kena pilih AJK Internet laaa, lagi berguna dari AJK Keselamatan) has done a marvellous job launching the Sukantara 2008's blog this week.

To all members of Class of 94 (and those who would like to join the mad bunch mudslinging at each other), please join in untuk memeriahkan the build up towards the reunion in 2008.

The funny thing is - we haven't actually got koleq's permission! But usually koleq is never hesitant provided we give them ample time and don't create havoc so much.

But just in case, the contingency plan (Plan Z) if koleq says no is to go to Clifford, yeaah! The ship is more than the crew!

So the race is on with Mohd Shah (was about to type Md Shah but KNO would correct me that it's Mohd Shah!) most eager to prove that as the favourite in 1994, they should have won, not the underdog Idris (I mean look at the House Captain Mpro laa...)

2 reasons why Idris will not win this time around:

1) Back in 1994, they depended a lot on juniors to get points. It so happened that the sportsmen (or sportsboys) of the junior batches (especially Class of 96) were mostly in Idris house. Tough luck, not anymore (kalau setakat nak harap kat Hairul tak yah laa woii...)

2) They can't use any cheating tricks anymore since everyone will be watching ha ha.

As for the race for the bottom 2, Leman seems to have resigned to a drop to the traditional last spot ha ha. Captain house pun tak bersuara lagi, only kalau ada mention jambu dia bersuara.

The positions back then:

1) Idris
2) Mohd Shah
3) Sulaiman
4) Ahmad

My prediction in 2008:

1) Ahmad
2) Mohd Shah
3) Leman
4) Idris (ni pun sebab menang Carey Award for top spammer!)


  1. Angie Papadakis4:19 PM

    Rough, sure ke Ahmad last? macam tak caye ajer..Skit punye ramai sportmen kat Ahmad. Nie mesti junior punye pasal nih.

    Whatever it is, 2008 - The (Dark) Empire Strikes Back

  2. btol.

    yeah blame kat junior laa.. aku ingat leman considered it was a good achievement, sbb tak last.

    and aku rasa point aku jg check point x country tilt the balance kot...

  3. Aku rasa betul la Ahmad last... tu lah one of kenangan pahit aku kat Koleq as a House Captain.

    Tapi aku ingat kita tak pernah menang pertandingan kebersihan masa assembly tu, but for the last week. There was actually a roaring loud applause when we finally won - itu pun aku rasa sebab orang kesian!

  4. Anonymous12:22 AM

    ha ha ha.. kalau kalah pasal sport boleh blame junior, tapi kalau kalah pertandingan kebersihan itu kena blame Che Mad - cubicle die kucing pun tak sanggup nak beranak situ..

  5. weh... sapa cakap tu? nak kena confinement ke haaa?

  6. ha ha AJ

    tu dah bukan confinement tu, menghina House Captain tantamounts to menghina house so kena DC.

    aku rasa Bobo, komen2 mcm tu memang selalunya datang dari bobo.

    kira kehebatan kandaque n bobo high jump dulu still x bleh menyelamatkan ahmad from the pit ha ha.

    leman target x nak last je, so kira ok laa tu.

  7. apsal idris last ni...(2008)?

    tapi biasa la..orang yang tak yakin menang memang selalu lancar perang saraf dulu.....

    orang dah yakin menang, concentrate training jer.

  8. la vecchia signora12:42 AM

    aku rasa Bobo, komen2 mcm tu memang selalunya datang dari bobo. <--- come on che mad, takkan ko nak caye tohmahan si rough nih.. die saje nak mengadu domba team Ahmad.

    Takkan ko tak ingat betapa berdedikasinye aku passing baton kat ko dulu eventho ko agaklah slow (inertia tinggi?) he he he

    ps: maaf zahir batin ler che mad (and all..)