Saturday, March 17, 2007

Leman Offensive

Leman, which had been trailing and under threat to be relegated to the bottom spot, launched an offensive this last 2 weeks under the command of the mad and bored researcher the self-proclaimed Dr M/Dr Evil/Dr Doom (aka Syed Moto).

The ranking so far (with one and a half week left for this lap) speaks for itself of Leman's determination:

1) syed moto - leman
2) rough - leman
3) mat top - idris
4) kno - md shah
5) nik - md shah
6) bocap - md shah
7) radin - leman
8) epit - leman
9) idzam - md shah
10) chamat - idris

Bochap would have been eliminated by the end of the month because he'll be too busy with the new baby. Chamat is on training and holidays for 3 weeks, so that's no longer a threat.

But our target of "Kami nak beat Ahmad je...." seems to be on course since not even a single Ahmad racer is in the chart this month ha ha ha.

Fadli is still struggling to read and clear 1,000++ emails even as we (type) ha ha.

Leman is also persuading the Committee to allow a new rule i.e. to recruit all those connected to Leman House and koleq to join our rank. So this means:

1) Abang Leman pun masuk team kitorang
2) Pak Cik Ibrahim Merah (ex-lab assistant) pun akan direkrut
3) Fairuz Leman pun jadi rumah Leman lepas ni although dia house Idris

Lepas ni they can post to the Male-ing List and their points counted for Leman.

Other happenings - reunion nasi beriani gam at Bangi organised by Radin, Moto and Bala. Featuring the recently discovered Wawa, Toy yang pakai baju batik (geng2 PTD la ni), Epit, Syam, Bala @ H for Horatio and tiba2 si Ska pun ada kat situ?

Apparently it's a very effective way to test your high blood problem, if after you've eaten you don't have headache sbb beriani kambing - you pass the high blood test!

Bowling Inter-House is in 2 weeks' time - entah2 semua dok practice minggu ni kot.


  1. healthy relationship. alhamdulillah..

  2. setinggan overfloor11:08 PM

    a'ah...with healthy food comes healthy relationship...


    u good cook?

  3. good cook? depends hahaha

  4. depends on what?

  5. on the kind of dish...
    and also my mood haha

  6. setinggan overfloor8:38 AM

    ur mood always good?

  7. depends also, but dont talk bout this nanti noni kapet marah

  8. AR (abang ram)12:57 PM

    noni kapet no good?

  9. setinggan overfloor1:56 PM

    a'ah...noni kapet no good???

    if noni kapet no good, I good...

  10. sessi temuramah panel koleq 9094 ke kawaiiiii dessssssssu...

    mula pasal masak....

    p/s - adakah hasil temuramah akan dipresent ke pihak tertentu?

  11. Noni kapet good, i yg no good. abu harraz, no speculation please tak beik tau

  12. noni laaaaa11:22 PM

    noni tetek besar

  13. ?????? please revert back the discussion to Leman Offensive instead of kawaiidesu offensive?????

    Thank you

  14. Setinggan Overfloor9:00 AM

    apa yg u all nyampuk ni? panel la berbagai macam. Aku interview untuk aku la. Me, my own...

    I still good...

  15. penghuni tetap overfloor9:19 AM

    setinggan overfloor + kawaii desu = overkawai sedesu

    interview still berjalan ke?

    noni kau tak nak join interview ke?

  16. noni interview spiderman kat tower sebelah hari tu..skang tgh buat summary of interview..

    setingganoverfloor....hmm something fishy la u nih...i tertarik dengan U la cam ni...

    Ko nak aku edjas kan ke?