Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SPM Results 2006

"Dear all

SPM 2006 for koleq:
10A1s - 6
10As - 27
Straight As - 33

Compared to last year:
10A1s - 16
10As - 34
Straights As - 50

Tak Karam Singh Wali melapurkan (kasi can la nak tiru Bobo bell sikit)"

- mesej ini dihantar oleh Otai Lawak @ Aiwa


  1. Syahbaz..!
    Straight As mean 9As or 8As? Ingatkan everyone's uniform i.e. take the same number of subjects..

  2. straight As is just the addition of the 2 - 10A1s and 10As.

    ha ha i heard koleq came 7th which is not bad, but sekolah sains alam shah sebijik tu straight A1s dengornya 30+ and straight As 80+!

    apparently diorng by may dah kena berhenti buat everything and just study. kata budak koleq laaa..

  3. Poor bastards(SAS). Back then, I'd give-up my studies anytime for other 'interesting' activities. To stop everything and study from May? Hell no. Jgn quote ni kat present students. Very moronic attitude..

  4. tak yah nak compare dgn alam shah. different league...different breed lagi...hahaha....

  5. salam abu harraz, apa khabaq? lama tak dengaq khabaq