Sunday, October 05, 2008

Biar Puteh Tulang Jangan Puteh Mata

Mighty Ducks is going into high gear again after a break of a few months.

When we started out, KNO abused his presence on the blogging world and self-declared that the target is Perak Champ in 2010. Perak Champ because HE thought we were not that bad and it was achievable (assuming we were in the same league with Anderson and Clifford ha ha), 2010 because we never planned to do this for long ha ha.

Almost 2 years later, I now seize the initiative to declare that not in this world and the world after that we can become Perak Champ in 2010! Not when we don't even have a Form 1 hockey team in spite this being end of the year already.

But rain or shine, the show must go on (and it has been raining a lot lately ha ha). I guess after a while it is no longer about the targets, more about the kids and the people you meet along the way. So the next show is Mighty Ducks Cup (MCKK's annual close tournament held in Stadium Astroturf Manjung - why Manjung? Read last year's write up), then the annual BBQ with the boys (which we hope we shall crown the new "most handsome", the new "paling selebet" etc among hockey players), then the USM International Hockey tournament (don't even think about the results ha ha). All this in preparation for next year's season, starting with the MSSD's tournament, National SBP Cup and finally in June/July Premier Cup (plus the annual friendlies with RMC and PFS).

And we need money. Lots of money.

We will be going around asking for money from the batch members (don't even think of running away) - when you come to the batch's open house in 2 weeks' time I will give RM2 to your kid, but I expect at least RM50 in return for the kids in KK (ha ha betul2 Yahudi Bapak2 Itik ni).

For a start, Awie has generously prepared this promo video.


Aku berdosa besar dengan Epit, lihat komen di Foyer, excerpt-nya (excerpt apa semua lift bulat2 di sini) seperti di bawah.

kah kah kah awie...mula2 masa aku tngok video - my impression was:

"ni epit buat, patut corny semacam"

into one minute and aku still ckp - sngt lah corny.

Lepas tu aku tengok:

"eyhhh awie yg buat, ni rakan kongsi kartun aku"

So tibe2 je perception aku berubah:


ps: The "Biar PUTEH tulang" kat belakang is

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