Saturday, December 13, 2008

Apa Ada Dengan Cheering?

I have been meaning to blog on this but have not had much time (oit give me a break la). It is close enough to my heart (and many other MCKK boys I suppose) that I am willing to take the wrath of the powers-that-be to blog about how things are in MCKK; in spite of the risk being considered critical to the school (which may bring a series of other consequences e.g. deemed to be interfering yada yada yada). But I have always thought that an institution that belongs to all (a national heritage at that) should be ready to accept the reality that its conduct will always be subjected to scrutiny by the public - some will be good, some will be bad - precisely because what is at stake is a public interest. So those who accept the responsibility to administer this institution, must also be open, agile and articulate enough to accept and evaluate the public scrutiny - it does not belong to any particular group; it belongs to all the stakeholders.

(Enough of the disclaimer).

Cheering has always been close to us, Class of 94.

We were bad in almost everything - even our top jambu does not rank very high comparedto some other batches' (looking back in restrospect). The only notorious thing that we did not do was to burn the school down (but that was because smoking was unofficially tolerated and endorsed, so people don't have to skulk around too much hiding in the store room to smoke).

But we were good in cheering; and we were proud of our cheering. Much as Class of 91 should be remembered for the initiatives to build the grand stand, a practice which lasts until today; we too have some innovations with the cheering.

Growing up in koleq during my years, the greatest honour that one can have is to sing Gemilang for the right occasion; after you have earned the right to sing the song. I earned that right twice - winning PPM in 1992 and 1993; as well as the PHT in those 2 years (being a part of the contingent). Gemilang in those days was normally reserved for a victory at least at the state level or higher.

It's very hard to explain the jubilation and the deep impact of pride that you would have - having practiced year after year to sing the song for the right occasion; when you finally earn the right to sing Gemilang, I felt I have earned my place as an MCKK boy.

(If the present boys find this too philosophical to understand; think of this analogy: it is as if you have been studying porn for so long and had even attempted limited experimentation - singing Gemilang when you have earned the right is like your first sex after all those years of secretly watching porn and cleaning your browsing history so that mum does not catch you)

The pride that we have for our cheering is symbolised with the honour that we accord to the song Gemilang (after all this is the most snobbish, self-publicity driven self-proclaimed song that MCKK could ever come up with over the years; it perfectly summarises everything that people hate about MCKK ha ha) - so each time we were asked to sing Gemilang (even if it is a practice); we took it very seriously.

But things have changed so much over the years; judge for yourself.

And keep the answer to yourself:

Ada Apa Dengan Cheering?
a) Putih Tulang
b) Putih Mata

If we don't even allow the boys to have adequate practice for cheering, obviously they will not be good at it. If we don't allow them to enjoy the cheering during the games, obviously they will not put their hearts at it and shout to the top of their lungs. If we don't allow a little hardship to instill the right discipline for cheering practice, obviously the junior boys will not memorise the songs and the claps by heart to make it perfect.

We make them; after all they are just kids. I don't believe boys become monsters over the years (otherwise I rather donate all my sperms to the sperm bank and give up the thought of having kids) so to presume that we did tolerate the cheering practice in the past because the cheerleaders were kinder (obviously you did not go through cheering practice with Tong & The Bunch from Class of 91); was a bit off the mark.

Maybe we grew more regimented and less tolerant over the years; just as our society has also become.

Points to ponder (ok ok this is the last time I will end a posting with this, I know it's annoying).

pps: Yeap I am back in Bukit Antarabangsa, at my desk blogging from my PC. I miss home so just wanted to see and to feel at home again. And an advice to all of you out there - please don't give me the lecture about how dangerous it is and about people should move out. It is very easy to say that since you are not in that position. I have all the means to move out but what about others who can't? If you want to be spared from my more vociferous lecture, stay away will you? Last night I spent half an hour shouting to an MP on the phone about this "holier than thou" attitude, and I felt good. Shouting is addictive.


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    1. Ok la tu pompom boys i mean cheerleaders. In tv its a popular and sexy bunch what..
    2. What an analogy- porn. Speaking for oneself haha
    3. Shouting is addictive but bad for heart.
    4. Welcome back to ur house. Stay wherever u like, we pray 4 ur safety
    Comment ala chedet

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    watching the video... are the boys drained out?? cam tak bertenaga ja

  3. Seems people tend to tiru che det's style, so nak tiru jugak la ;D easier

    1) I think my batch was the last yang ada proper cheering practice complete with cheering vibes + horror f5s + baju sekolah, 2/4 of our sunday was taken starting january till vajiravudh.

    2) The analogy used ;D the very understandable.

    3) Basically, the things that u wrote in that post do concerned us back in 2007, but nothing much that we can do.

    4) Sumtimes, we tend to be more "loving" as the time goes by. As the consequences, the after will not be the same as before. You know, dulu ada tar, firedrill, grey, common room, cheering practice.

    5) In that video, the ones yang nyanyi kuat, semangat sket was the f5 i guess plus some seniors f4, yang kureng semangat sket tu sbb x hafal + x tau tepuk macam mane tu surely juniors la. The ending was bad.

    6) Annoying kah?

    7) Welcome home ;D

  4. Anonymous1:16 AM

    I, for one, believe that cheering has become increasingly irrelevant in the eyes of most teachers. believe it or not, that is our pride and what makes us being looked up by general people.

    i feel devoid because during our final year (2006), we didn't have the luxury to conduct cheering practices too often. following are some of the reasons

    1. too much work (homework, koleq's programmes n whatnot) to be attended to.

    2. some of the teachers perception that, during practice hours, juniors are being 'tortured' by cheerleaders. but, as far as i know, our cheerleaders were not as cruel as ppl thought they were. unlike during my junior-years.

    3. waste of time. times taken by cheerleaders to conduct are seemingly too much to the extent that the juniors don't have much time to study.(but, it dawned on me that; do we, bdk koleq, really need to study THAT hard to excel. we r bright enough, aren't we? looking back, when i was in form 2, despite the hours taken to practice, but MANY of us could still make it to excel in exams).

    maybe some other people from my generation can tell more about this. it's saddening to see (and listen to) the cheering squad nowadays.

    a question, who's to b blamed?

  5. when I was a 1st former back in the year '99, I really hated the form fives coz they're shouting and screaming like hell..yes, i felt a bit stressed,, i took it as part n parcel of life.kl x kne gtu, mcmne la nk jd power mcm pas minum superpower kn??hahaha...

    but then, when i was a 5th former..haha..i was there, in the TAR Hall, during the cheering practices..shouting n screaming..same like my form 5 back in the year '99..maklumlah, 'king of the college' kan f5..

    huhu...i'm not proud of what ive done (part of me,YES!!)..but i feel dat i've fulfilled the 'requirements' of being a budak koleq..maybe skrg, da x rmi org dalam koleq yg support tradition ni...tu pasal cheering ni dah ditelan zman. baju cheering hanya tinggal imej, bukan identiti yang digahkan sepertimana tahun2 sebelumnya~

  6. Nobody liked cheering practice. Nobody liked the shoutings, the taunts, the repetitions, the pain in your palms... but the result of the practice beats all that. Nobody can complain they lack time for cheering practice. I recall my batch had some practice sessions at night, just to catch up with time.

    I was late for a hockey game (home) cheering back in 93. Can't remember why. It was very hot that day. When I reached New Hostel, they were in the middle of 'Barisan'. The sight of our crowd, all in white, in the bright sun, singing and clapping in unison was like a pierce through my heart. It made me stood still for a moment. Besides the fact that I was late, I was very frightened by this group of students (budak Koleq laa) at the side of the hockey field. I can hear every word from the song, clearly. Okay, maybe I was just 14 at that time, but I believe many (outsiders) shared the same feeling when we cheered for our team. I didn't get deafening shouts from any of the seniors that day (for being late).

    I never played in any of the major games that had cheering. But back in 95, orders were given for some non major games. So now, from a player's point of view... when there was so little energy left, with so much frustrations because we were trailing behind, we were somehow felt rejuvenated when the boys showed up at the field. Yeah, they showed up in the middle of the semifinals; and the game (handball) was against the district defending champion, Tsung Wah. And we won the tournament. 1st time ever! haha.. now I'm bragging!

  7. chamat5:15 PM

    Sapa top jambu 94 yg dimaksudkan?
    Top jambu batch based on current ranking or based on ranking then?
    Eh, current ranking is still La'ba rite?

  8. Peter5:09 PM

    Save the cheerleader, cave the world weh..

  9. Gochohyou7:52 PM

    whak hepeng to the uniti ,meng?

    talking bout unity, I want your insider info. What hepen to anwar's plan to takeover ma'sia. I was jumping in joy when he announced it. He always passed on good opportunity dosent he? Back in that 90 something he should have contested for UMNO' top post insted he let mahathir had his way, and this takeover thing he should have done back in reformasi days, instead he let mahathir man teared apart his dignity. Now the old man is no more, is he letting the oldmans son gained as much power before he finally do the thing?

  10. Anonymous8:41 PM

    tetiba cakap pasal politik plak

  11. + cheering memang mengasyikkan. setiap rangkap and tepukan macam serasi jikalau di praktis setiap hari. bisa bikin gusbam.

    + cheering prektis sangat penting. prektis makes perfect. memang betul pun. Masa '93 (first time pergi cheering prektis), kecut perut sebab tak hafal lagu. tapi 2nd time pergi, settled.

    + actual day, lagi lah penting. masa tu dapat rasa kesan yang tak tertulis di ruang komentar ini. sapa cheering kat tepi, semangat membara. sapa main kat padang, lagi gerun dengar jeritan kawan2.

    + kesimpulan nye, cheering memang best. sila lah buck up dan berlatih semahu nye.

  12. adoiii!!!!!!! siannn...

  13. weeeee heeee boleh comment balik

    1) chamat - ranking dulu. x tahu pulak sapa topnya. bobo nak stake a claim. i guess it's still open

    2) posting & analogy mengenai porn x de kena mengena dgn yg idop atau mati

    3) thanks ba'ang - but streamyx is not up. everyday aku gaduh ngn tm

    4) woi cikun, mana blazer aku? he he (sampai mati aku ungkit)

    5) ghocohyou - ntah le aku, masa kecik2 orang kg aku kt tgnung ada ckp "politik" = "p*lir-itik". Get it? ha ha

    6) nemesis - kitorang baik dulu kan masa cheering? he he

    7) abu harraz - kau je lah pi jadi cheerleader

  14. "We were bad in almost everything - even our top jambu does not rank very high comparedto some other batches' (looking back in restrospect). "

    Bagus betul analogi ni.

    Senior-senior MCOB kena conduct la sesi cheering bersama present boys selama sebulan. Bagi koleq punya cheering squad garang balik! :)