Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PMR 2008

Early bird's report is as follows:

No of 8As: 86
% of straight As: 72%

Not good ha ha. Last year it was 80+ % rasanya ha ha.

I have no comments - I think all the debaters got straight As. Haven't checked the hockey players.

I don't know whether the boys are not up to the mark, or the teaching methods are inadequate; or the boys lack motivation.

But if you know the process to get enrolled to MCKK (or any SBP for that matter); there are always ways to go and meet someone to "smuggle" your children in. The question is: how many in a batch gets through this way; or are we able to upgrade students who from the very beginning did slightly less than others academically?

We sound like broken records every year ha ha.

But the future of MCKK was never decided in the academic field. He he.


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    So bad rrrr....many SBP got 80++% above lah...but.....still can improve in SPM

  2. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Admission to koleq... I used to hear that the boys that enter are intan terpilih. Now anak2 macoba members have fatter chances??

  3. well i don't think it's just a mcoba thing. that mcoba thing is pretty much confined.

    it could boil down to 2 things:

    1) exam system - because things have become so exam oriented, every kid at 12 goes to tuition centres etc. There can be 2 possibilities - either there is a lack of integrity in the administration of the UPSR (soalan bocor etc. that you hear each year); or students are taught to memorise and familiarise with spot questions, not to think. The effect is the same - it's very difficult to judge students' true intellect and mental ability at 12; if the very exam that is supposed to test them; is flawed. The result - the so-called "intan terpilih" at UPSR ghupa-ghupanya bukan intan terpilih after all.

    2) the selection process to SBP now involves a lot more subjectivity compared to the yesteryears I think. For a start, students are nominated and are based on recommendations. Then they can actually apply to the school they want; there's also an appeal process. Having an appeal process means the more determined parents (and people with means) will pursue to the end to make sure their sons get a place - even if the boy might not have the standard that is required of mckk students. In the end, these students struggle - plus with the culture at mckk where being too studious is actually scoffed at (it always pride itself with smart studying and the all-rounder culture); they have less motivation to work harder. I personally know a few people who go all the way possible to make sure their sons go to mckk through the appeal process.

    But these are speculations - I don't observe these kids 24 hours a day so I don't know what is really the root cause.

    Maybe the air in KK is too good for people to spend in the classroom studying, so we find excuses to be outside doing something else :-)

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    yeah its such a pain that teachers actually come up with acronyms of what student should remember to make it easer for 'em to memorise rather than coming up with alternative approaches to make 'em students understand better

  5. i dont blame the exam system.
    why?it is so simple.
    if the students are good enough to enter mckk then they have to live to the expectation.there is no such excuse as mcoba thing.
    we are talking about a bunch of good students learning and studying together.
    i hope they can improved much more.

    p/s:cheering squad dh x mcm dulu.study pn down.tnggal apa aje lg?