Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogging From Blackberry: Hutang Blogs

Streamyx is still down despite my harassment. The technical assistance (Streamyx Helpline) is just a complete waste of time. So not much you can post from Blackberry.

Anyway it's the year end, the batch's website clocks its 12th year and the batch's blog completed its 5th year.

I have a few things that I thought worth blogging:

1) Flashback of 2008: Climax of Sukantara, weddings, MightyDucks and Debaters etc.

2) "Kenapa batch kiter kewl": A junior said that he thought Class of 94 is the coolest batch of F5 throughout his 5 year in koleq - which understandably sent us laughing trying to think why we were kewl. So after a series of brainstorming, we had compiled a list of why "batch kiter kewl"

3) YTM Tuanku Jaafar passed away yesterday. I personally thought that his passing has a tremendous effect on MCKK; it's a question whether the powers-that-be with influence over MCKK can read the obvious writing on the wall. The time of the Elves is passing.

But I can only do this once I get my Streamyx back - so please wait.

In the mean time, selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah - may we reflect on the past year and where do we bring to go next year.


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    1. Seingat kitalah kan dulu ruff mati2 tak nak guna blackberry haha

    2. Innalillah buat Almarhum...

    3. Bila nak post the completed list of kenapa batch kiter kewl

    4. Salam Maal Hijrah buat semua

  2. No 1 on the list obviously KR - Kayako Rocks (kayako is of juon fame)

  3. ha ha for ages smthing was wrong with internet in office and streamyx was not up - so i couldn't comment. la ni aku nak mengganas.

    1) dulu lain, skrng lain bang. x de blackberry x de jiwa aku la ni

    2) he he nanti aku postkan one by one

    3) yeap KR memang masuk top list