Thursday, February 12, 2009

Memang Tak De Kerja Cari Kerja

Ha ha I have to do this post, to see how far this misadventure will go in the future. Will it go as far as Mighty Ducks?

Dear Friends,

I went to our beloved college last weekend to have a meeting with a number of present boys regarding their F1 In School Competition. From that 2 hours session and first time meeting them, in general i think the boys need a lot of help especially with budget and technical matters. I can assists them in terms of the technical matters (and i do encourage anybody who wants to chip in and contribute to contact me, i.e. the likes of MTOP, FAZ, CHAMP and those automotive engineers out there, do we have aircraft/ aerospace engineers in our batch? Academicians can also contribute) but for budget, we need to work something out to assists these boys. In terms of target, since in last year's competition, everything was done in a hurry therefore the result was not that good. For this year's target, i think they should at least be the first in zon tgh which comprise of schools from Perak, Selangor and WP (and this includes last year's champion for zon tgh and national level, Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS)). Come on guys, MCKK losing to SAS is like being Gadap but without the K**EK part. Badly need to improve on this. The two important factors that i've seen will contribute to success is technical capability and budget (just like the real F1 competition, those with bigger budget can actually invest more on the technical capability and build better car and team, e.g. Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes and BMW Sauber)

According to the competition regulation, the F1 in school team (there's two teams this year) has to look for budget themselves. Last year they have the likes of MISC (RM5000) and other small organisations contributing to their budget. This year, the boys have to start all over again and source for budget. I would want to invite you guys who have been very sucessfull in your life to contribute either through your own company or 9094 F1 Fund. Whoever is interested to do this, please inform me either through this mailing list or @ 019-2214922. Kalau nak sponsor through company, please provide the contact no for the PIC in your respective companies, fax number, the company name and company address. The boys will contact them officially.

What's in it for you guys? Well, on top of contributing back to MCKK (sebagai membalas jasa2), you can gain marketing advantages by having your company logo on the official F1 team suit/uniform. If the boys win this year, we will have bragging rights for the years to come he he he. Ok then, adios. Hope to hear good news soon.

Thanks for reading.

Count me in untuk macai.Aku rasa Faz pun boleh tolong.

What is F1 In School competition?
Ini macam Peraduan Rekacipta Sains ke dulu?

Please have a look here....sorry champ last year was RMC, runner-up SAS,koleq kat mana????

Dear Syam

Red has already spoken to me about the sponsorship.

So I will try to help him get the first RM2k first to get things started, then we'll start with looking for the RM10k needed for the teams.

Thanks anyway for agreeing to do this - as you can see, the boys are not bad. They are as energetic etc. it's just that they don't have help.

ok, takdak hal punya. Aku pun kesian gak, kalau aku jadi diaorg, agaklah lost. Apsal mel kau ni mcm agak formal gitu?

Satu lagi Projek Kewl 9094 ..cayalah hehehe

Syam,if this project ada involve trip to halfcut shops, aku nak join and sedia membantu.. hehehe

Rough,Bile nak balik Kemaman? boleh karaoke kat Pusat Karaoke Epal.. smlm baru perasan kat ofis ada budak2 8690-9094-9498 hehehe..blom tanya manager aku lagi die batch mana, kalau 8286 baru chun (bukan Shamsul Akmal Muzeni)

kau ada simpan tak last year punya design ? kalu ada, pass kat aku file cad/cam.
wajib pakai solid edge kan ?

Not necessarily, they will get extra mark for efforts to model using other CAD packages such CATIA and PROE. Design semua ada kat budak2 tu. If you want i can help to request from them. What is it for man?

Syam,aku dgn Faz on...nanti aku try tanya2 sponsor from Pennzoil dgn Toyota
pasal Catia, need any help ker?

Kalu ok, aku leh sumbangkan perkhidmatan 3D rendering utk presentation. Nak tau file dia compatible tak ngan autodesk.
Tapi kena tunggu pc baru sampai. pc aku tgh hidup segan mati tak mahu.

Good one bro. Thanks. Aku akan discuss benda ni dgn budak2 tu.
Aku rasa elok kita pakai design tahun ni punya (which currently not even started yet). Hopefully boleh dapat by end of april. Berapa lama lead time utk kau buat rendering tu?

tak tau. selalunya 2-3 minggu. tgk pada byk mana kena edit, polygon count,lighting,color,motion etc. sbb tu aku nak mintak design yg dah ada last year, nak tgk payah mana.
aku jarang sekali render mech.motion. yg simple2 guna IK (inverse kinematic) adalah sket, jadi aku kena membaca dulu.

Baguih! the more the merrier. Thanks MTOP and Faz, curently aku rasa diaorg tgh bingung mcm mana nak reduce drag coefficient for their design, maybe if we have some ideas to give them options when designing that will be excellent. For CFD analysis, i think i can arrange from my side.

Anyway i'm planning to go again to kuala somewhere next month to check on the progress on their side and offer some technical assistance. The date kalau sama ngan mighty ducks training bagus jugak sbb boleh carpool. Camna chibix, bila mighty ducks lagi? Mtop ndan Faz nak join gak tak?

Pennzoil and Toyota are good brands to be our sponsors. Mmg cantek sgt.


migducks every 2 weekends... next trip 21-22/2.. badut and kno ada time tu

kau nak buat rendering, file tu kena save dalam format apa? kalau kena
format dia, aku rasa sng sikit kerja kau.

bagi aku salah satu dari atas, preferably 3ds,dwg, dxf
sambil tu bagi skali file asal dia, solidedge/works/catia
aku naktry cari transpoly importer, katanya dia boleh tolong importkan file2 native catia4-5, solidedge etc kpd 3ds max.

Preferebly dlm IGES la...

ha ah ok gak. tapi kadang2 iges bila import dia jadi tak symmetrical.
kadang2 la.
pastu bila import aku kena kerja dgn nurbs, tak berapa pandai jadi.
include ah skali.

alrite, sila buat spin-off group for F1 ala migducks ya
you can discuss nurbs, iges, xyz there :P

Ha ha I hope they will find as much fulfillment as some of us had with MightyDucks and the debaters. Money is always daunting, but we manage to stay afloat so far despite all the shouting.

I wish some senior teachers from MCKK remember Syam, Faz, Awie, Bobo and Mattop. They were not the model students that would have survived MCKK's expectation today (but they did get Anugerah Pingat Emas though, he he). None of us would have survived MCKK today - we were too non-conforming, too lazy to study and too independent-minded.

Syam can fill in himself berapa kali kena tampar dengan warden.

I remember one day in 1992 when Faz's parents had to come because either the school wanted him to leave the school or he was caught doing something, but the parents had to sit down with the HM.

Awie (although less notorious with the teachers he he) was not the conforming type either. So was Bobo.

Apart from Mattop, I am sure all began to smoke from F3 (or even earlier ha ha) and must have ran into some kind of troubles later on.

But the teachers were gentle with us. I think they saw us as boys and to a certain extent tolerated us.

In the process, we got 2 things from the school:

1) the best of friends and brothers in the world, that we would find any excuse to spend time with

2) the sense of belonging and indebtedness for the school that defies the time and age; for giving us the experience and youth that we treasure so much

It's this 2 things that keep making people going back.

It's this 2 things that partly define MCKK's experience all this while.

It's this 2 things that we must continue to provide to MCKK and the present boys, if we were to make sure people after us continue to return to the school.

Good luck to Geng Keter Potong!


1) Despite all the problems, Faz went on to get 8A1s in SRP - one of 13 who scored 8A1s (the highest result) in MCKK that year

2) Syam was always in the top 30 of the batch despite whatever he ventured, getting JPA/MARA overseas scholarship after SPM

3) Mattop went to Japan after SPM, which contributed to his rather infamous "join(t)"-'s English proficiency (ha ha)

4) Bobo obtained PETRONAS' scholarship to the UK after SPM, despite all the mess he created and hearts he broke (ha ha Aiwa punya je..)

5) Awie went on to pursue his passion for crazy arts, started out with his own animation company but was chased to go back to Terengganu to work for his dad's construction business (ha ha)

6) Morale of the story: do not see the boys for what they are now for they are only boys - see them for what they can become one day :-)


  1. chamat1:20 PM

    Awat x quote fadli's 'dragging coefficient' email skali hihihi

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Nie kira Project Fast and Furious 9094

  3. ceh...baru 2-3 email teknikal sket dah kena halau buat gerup sendiri.

    apa nama 'impak maksima' ? poyo jo.

  4. habis tu takkan 'Evolusi KK Drift' kot?

  5. Anonymous1:14 AM

    ha ha aku tak include fadli's comment sbb dia just nak remind kita dia masuk rekacipta. aku, pejal & aslam x nak ingat pasal rekacipta kah kah kah.

    aku x tahu diorng nak panggil apa ni ha ha


  6. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I thought the kids drivin and racing an F1 car of their very own design. Turned out it more of a pinewood derby thing. Still very nice addition into the sponsored sports roster. Very nice posts to look forward to.

  7. projek F1 ni, macam2 nama ada.. gila banyak nak pilih..

  8. BcpUnlmtd5:54 PM

    Onanimes Post 7.57 am,
    Anda sedang diperhatikan oleh kerana lenggok bahasa anda seiring dengan insan kamil yang kurang disenangi batch yengko ini.

    - AJK Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Kewarasan

  9. Anonymous8:45 PM

    ha ha aku rasa bkn la hj tchap - tak de trademark biasa.

    unless it's a trick nowadays to get rid of trademark.

    klu kau macam ni dulu, dh lama aku jd campaign manager kau jd pres batch. boleh kau bagi speech pasal onani mcm khafiz (ha ha)


    ps: hari tu ada junior tanya - "abang, kenapa batch abang nama yengko". diorang ingat yengko tu nama binatang ala2 unicorn ke, crotalus ke, arietans ke. ha ha

  10. Anonymous8:59 PM

    adakah ini bermakna terma 'jalan yengko' dah takde kat koleq?


  11. Anonymous9:09 PM

    As for Mattop, one might remember that he was a non-confirmant as well. In the years of GQ hairstyle, Mattop stood alone to sport the style "rambut taruk gel sekati dan disisir rapat, dibelah tepi!!!", hahahaha

    Setinggan Overfloor

  12. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Kalau usha E!, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and George Clooney rambut diorang semer style "disisir rapat, dibelah tepi!!!" sekarang nih.

  13. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hj Bcp...

    Dude...hg memang klaka....Gaddemm Noni, hg still ingat lagi Khafiz punya explaination pasal "onanimes"..

    Puaka Big Tree

  14. hoi jgn la ckpa pasal puaka, takut laa... aku dok sorang ni.

    ha ha aku ingat semua AJK Batch lain nya speech, aku punya je yg aku lupa. Ha ha selective amnesia.

    Kau nk dengar Pejal punya? Lepas tu bleh blackmail dia, Pejal banyak duit ha ha ha

    ps: It's "moral of the story" kat atas nu, sblm chamat betul kan aku ha ha

  15. Awang Kuala10:30 PM

    Hello, Good Day. Sorry, it seems like its getting hot in here. So far this is only the second time i commented as anonymous, the first about Mr noni as brilliant evil genius. I have nothing to do with the other anonymous. The previous ones I used names usually with Awang Something. Just want a piece of the action if you guys do not mind. I'm just thrilled at the undying spirit of last breed of the yesteryears' glorious tradition.

  16. chamat11:19 PM

    Semua pun dah takut nak jadi onani-infemes. Usaha2 AJK Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Kewarasan nampaknya berkesan, cayalah haji tchap.

  17. kah kah kah now i am entertained.

    - Awang Kuala: ha ha hj tchap tu tak de la ganas sngt, dia kempunan nak jadi AJK Batch duly ha ha

    - kpd anonymous lain: komen la apa yg nak dikomen; cuma kat sini yg bg2 komen budak2 gler yang terencat dari dysfunctional batch. so kalau diorang buat komen gler2, kena sabar je lah, kutuk la balik hj tchap. jgn la kecik hati

    Haji Botchap, aku tabik spring la kat kau.

    Kau la AJK Batch paling berdedikasi and berkesan. Ha ha (bg la speech skit ala2 speech kt dining hall NH kah kah)

  18. anonymous lah jugak2:12 PM

    haji tchap gertak skit dah gentar semua onani-infemes, blom lagi aiwa-poohbear-dont-make-me-angry..

  19. jadi utk nama yg manliness, aku cadangkan evolusi KK (keras & kental).

    kita beli dildo pastu letak tayar 4 biji. nanti aku render simulasi sistem PLL. messy abis.

  20. ha ha awie, cuba kau suruh budak2 tu explain pasal mini kereta yg pakai dildo, lepas tu dirender dengan sistem Pancut Lebih Lama, lepas explain sebb apa sistem PLL ni messy.

    kesian kat Syam & Co., sia2 tolong tp kalah sbb terlampau lucah la maaaa.....

    Kau patut dpt DC

  21. anti-nonymous12:24 AM

    awi said...
    jadi utk nama yg manliness, aku cadangkan evolusi KK (keras & kental).

    kita beli dildo pastu letak tayar 4 biji. nanti aku render simulasi sistem PLL. messy abis.

    Awi, make sure dildo tuh bukan vibrator skali, nanti asyik gegar jer manjang kena buat tyres alignment and balancing