Thursday, October 07, 2010

College Round Up August 2010

With the end of the Mighty Ducks Project, there would not be too many reasons to go back to MCKK. The project ended poignantly, especially knowing that Mr Thaman would be leaving Malaysia for good for a voluntary work at a children's hospital in India.

He wrote a long letter expressing his feeling since joining us in the project. Initially I thought I wanted to publish the letter here, but it's personal and in the spirit of letting the bygones be bygones, I decided to keep it private. Suffice to say that he was sad and I felt bad to have dragged him into all this, late into his retirement.

So Badut and I made a last trip for Mighty Ducks to say goodbye to him in August. We spent a couple of hours chatting - mostly about how this and that boy had grown up, or reminiscing the early days. There is nothing that we can do that can pay his and Mr Pala's kindness, but I take comfort that things will be better for MCKK hockey after this even when we are not around.

To one of the greatest and most dedicated teachers who passed through MCKK gates - thank you very much Mr Thaman, you taught us more than just hockey. You taught us tolerance, discipline, kindness and hard work.

The boys may not appreciate these values now because they had been under a different regime for a very long time, but one day they will look back and thank you, as much as we are grateful to you now. May you find peace in your work in India and we pray that we will meet again.

Badut & Mr Thaman

We also took time to tour MCKK ground (perhaps for the last time, for a very long time).

Things are changing, we notice the old surau is being modified. From the look of it, it may become a cafeteria, so after all these years koleq boys will benefit from a properly built cafeteria (though I still prefer the kapet yang berupa garaj bas). Maybe there will be a new generation of Makcik Kapet and Noni Kapet!

The new IB buildings at the back of the old surau are also taking shape fast. I cannot comment on anything (ha ha), nanti ada orang terasa kah kah kah, but it's good to see some progress on the ground.

Our time with MCKK is over, as we go along there will be less and less updates like this. 

We can now only offer prayers, hopefully we'll make MCKK proud in different ways now that our time on the ground is over.

Modification taking place, it looks as if there'll be a food counter?

IB Complex being built at the back of the old surau

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