Sunday, March 21, 2004


It's the Election Day - I (and most probably those yg sama kepala) have resigned to the state of helplessness, I am bracing for the worst..

No one from this batch stands in this election. Not sure the 12th General Election - if Fadhil continues the way he is in Perak, he might just get his seat and realise his ambition. For a rather mediocre batch (the prevailing view among some MCOBA Committee members who for some reasons are hell bent at pointing that out to us - don't you guys have a life?), this is quite a politically charged batch (I guess it is the same with every other batch coming out of MCKK).

I am also glad that some of you did contact me personally to obtain a second opinion on the candidates. I wish the majority of our voters would have been as careful and as wise as you guys are in choosing your Wakil Rakyat and not be so dogmatic about a particular partisan view - but that will be a long shot in a controlled "democracy" like Malaysia...

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