Monday, March 29, 2004

Size Matters?

There's some "serious" discussion going on in the batch's mailing list on "size" - Gadap vs Badut vs Chibix on height etc. (would not go into the part which involved me and my weight ;-)

But the best take so far was Gadap's connecting Fadhil's pulling out of Sports Day sprint event in 1994, with his political belief. That's classic, how politics permeates every aspect of our life pun sampai tarik diri dari sprint event pun dikira political act...

Anyway, it's very lively.

Other updates:

Futsal this weekend organised by Ayien - contact Ayien.
Bobo is having babi-q* this weekend - contact Bobo.

*joke bell from Gadap => "ada babi beratur depan rumah kau ke Bobo?"

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