Sunday, March 07, 2004

Gadap & Ringo

Came back from meeting Gadap, Wong, Bobo, Fly and Pejal i.e the Kerteh guys just now - had a mini reunion all over again. Basically Gadap came to visit Wong and since his e-mails lately indicate a bloody left-wing, Che Guevara-like personality, we in Kerteh were quite curious to find out what a person he has become.

Basically, Gadap is Gadap, minus the dislocated siku masa Form 1.

Discussion basically revolved around two topics - sex and politics. No, not the sex scandals politicians are often implicated with, but more with some of the guys' own adventure. All of us got quite a lot of tips from Gadap, whether they are practical or not is a different thing altogether.

Politics? Tired to talk about it so I pass.

Uploaded the pictures - I can sort of hear some of you shouting "hangat hangat" but yeah... shall try to fill up this page.