Sunday, April 18, 2004


Added counter today - nothing much re. batch news that I can post here.

There was a serious and heated discussion on whether Pak Lah is sincere in his fight against corruption, or it was just a spin exercise to improve his so called "clean" image. Heated arguments and name calling from both sides, surprisingly Kno threw his gauntlet as well and joined the fray - I would have warned anyone not to pick up an argument with Gadap but Kno did ha ha

In the end, the discussion died prematurely and took a different form - establishing the exact whereabout of Bilik Kebal. Fadli, demonstrating the frequency at which he visited the surau, thought it was the wood room near tempat wuduk in surau. Mior went a bit further, all along thinking that people were talking about Bilik Kebal near the library where exam papers were stored. It took the partner-in-crime of those BRU excos who abused to room to skive afternoon preps - Wong - to clarify the exact whereabout.

As for the initial counter for the blog, didn't take long before I decided on 8-6-4-3, 43 X 2 = 86 muahaha.
Jangan jeles Bobo, it was just not meant to be ha ha :-)

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