Friday, April 09, 2004


There is a sudden change of heart recently with MCOBA membership. The Class of 94 is considered one of the most "liat" when it comes to joining MCOBA. In fact, it becomes something that some of us "boast" about - that after 10 years living koleq, none of us "succumbed" to "it" yet. For whatever reasons, people were a bit hesitant or not really bothered to join MCOBA, unlike some people whom I know get hold of the form the first day they officially leave college.

So I thought maybe I could offer myself to be the sacrificial lamb - so that someone can take the fall as that idiot who breaks the batch's record. Little that I know (thanks to Epit who keeps using insider's information to check up on things like this) that we already have 2 MCOBA members! All this while when we were so proud that Class of 94 stands up like a sore thumb as the only batch without a MCOBA member when they tally the statistics during OBW - ghupa-ghupanya Fido & TFA (for "Tun Fadhil Azman") dah pun join senyap-senyap. So we don't need a sacrificial lamb after all...

It has been a bit quiet lately - maybe because Gadap is not around (told that he was in Labuan then off to Indonesia). Well at least the server buleh rehat sikit laa kot.

Am off to see Jures, Allen and Epit this weekend. Jures, myself and a few others are going to start our own kampung soon since we all bought a place in the same area - with mine sebelah rumah Jures je. The trick is we can save during the open house season - ala2 two-in-one laaa ni...

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