Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hot Hunk

Andre Agassi @ Rizal Zakaria?

Was in KL recently on the way back from Ipoh, so stopped by at KL Sentral to drop Allen. Took the opportunity to meet up with Ameba who missed the reunion, so am sure quite a lot of people were wondering how does he look like nowadays.

Well, you can see for yourself our hot hunk from Malakoff (siap ada tag lagi tu kat uniform, kalah aku punya). Apparently Ameba dah jadi serial blog reader full time, engineer part time.

Ameba was really not generous in kind words especially to people's weight... siap laa kau one day, every day aku doakan kau jadi seboroi-boroi manusia.. doa orang teraniaya selalu termakbul...

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