Saturday, April 03, 2004


Went to Bobo's BBQ - I thought it's a way for him to say thanks to me and budak batch lain for being so nice to him so far, let alone that I had picked up 2 speeding tickets (my ninth in a year) on the way to reunion last February (with Bobo turning green at the back due to limited nicotine supply, so we had to pull over every now and then so that he could smoke!).

So Jita and I went (Fly is busy with his baby so I was told) only to find out they had invited half of the plants there. So there I was, turning green - memang sah2 kena kincing, really thought of driving back home!

To make matters even worse, Jita, when in a relationship, is so good at making a disappearing act. So half an hour later, I was on a stair alone cursing everything under the Moon (poor Moon tidak mengambang lagi di Terengganu :-( and babysitting a few Boers kids!

But luckily there were some nice people around so tak de laa rasa out of place sangat, including a few of Bobo's officemates. Now I know why Hamid Ibrahim was having such a tough time ha ha...

And joke2 bell from the mailing list seems to be spreading like wild fire. My jaw dropped when Bobo made the silliest, bell answer ever that night - nasib baik aku sorang je budak koleq there, orang lain tak paham when I nearly dropped dead from disbelief at how hina his jokes had become...

Anyway, till later.. Poqpeq is getting married on 30th May @ Sungei Buloh (not the prison though, I think).

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