Friday, October 08, 2004

The Fat, The Bald and The Boroi

The kings of fat and boroi group in persons - Epit & Mpro, more pictures here

I was around in KL last week and requested for a dinner with Epit, since I needed some tips from him on how to pass a degree. Unknown to me, Epit managed to pull together a collection of the fattest, the baldest and the most borois from this batch for a dinner at a restaurant called Tupai-tupai near Istana Negara.

First, Epit's direction to go to Tupai-tupai was very confusing, it took me a while and a few cursing later before I arrived at the restaurant. To my surprise, Epit did not book a table, but a space with a small low table. It would be bad enough that all these fat people have to sit around one table, imagine when we all have to duduk bersila around that small table.

First problem - the tummy got in the way. Second problem - the jeans are not designed to accommodate bulging body parts. Third problem - the tummy could only take less food now that its volume was reduced. etc. etc.

But the dinner was good (I mean the conversation during the dinner). Not surprisingly, most of the time the dinner was occupied with bitching people who were not there. Then some discussions on what went wrong with budak koleq and Malays in general - basically the whole night was well spent bitching everything under the moon.

We were also discussing about MCOBA membership and Kalai thought that it is high time that batch members join MCOBA in droves. We were all fired up after the dinner, but after one week I have not heard anything from anyone.

The dinner also celebrated Badut's planned wedding next year (if it does go ahead), Abon getting his second child (so I understood), Ameba finally getting ahead of Bala in the relationship game (yes, he was whispering on the phone a few times, maybe trying to tell us all that he is in a relationship nowadays ha ha), Epit going to a 6-month long quarantine at Intan and Mpro starting his MBA soon.

The club (although not so exclusive considering how many fat people around in this batch) also decided that two gatherings shall be carried out in the near future - one during the fasting month (not sahur though because people coming back from clubbing and sahur just do not match) and one after raya. As to who shall take this up, as usual no one staked a claim.

It was a good night and each time we went out to catch up like this, it reminded me that as dysfunctional a batch as we were and still are, we are not that bad. Maybe being dysfunctional makes you closer to each other - and to know that you close ranks after all these years makes my heart warms up (I just want to end this blog with something nice, I am not this sentimental about the batch - we do have our own life you know, whatever impressions this blog gives about our lives)