Sunday, October 31, 2004

Impression: MCKK 1905-2005

I was in KLCC (again) last week, so in order to exhaust my tax rebate for books (RM700) I made a customary visit to Kino. Lo and behold, a commemorative book on articles written by budak koleq or others about MCKK was prominently displayed on the shelf.

Picked the book, paid and went straight to the car. While waiting for the engine to warm up, I flipped through the book – only to discover that most of my articles either in koleq mag or batch’s website (this or previous versions) were included in the book.

A quick glance of the book shows that it’s exactly what it says on its back cover – it’s a compilation, and boy did they just compile everything.

To a certain extent I was quite touched that some of the articles were immortalised in the book, although I wish I would be asked first. Most of the articles were very badly written, in my own opinion they were not up to the standard for publication. We have a problem in this batch – those who can write really well like Fazurin, Chamat or Jita are simply too lazy or could not be bothered to write articles to fill up koleq mag or the batch’s website, despite repeated requests and endless bitching from me.

To avoid the website project from degenerating into a ‘white elephant’ and laughing stock, I had to write the articles to fill up this website myself, hence the second-class quality of many of the articles.

Sometimes I wonder whether the Committee did read the articles first because some of them are not only badly written, they are very superficial to add the dramatic effects – and poor the prefects and other groups which always ended up as a punching bag in my articles! (I can tell I am going to have a very long talk with Nik Nazmi on this wink wink)

Anyway, with the inclusion of seven or eight articles on the Class of 94, it makes this batch one of the most documented batches in the book – ironic considering the reputation of this Class as a mediocre and erratic batch.

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