Friday, October 08, 2004

MCKK Debating Team's Annual Dinner 2004

Group photo - the English and BM teams after the dinner, please click here for more pictures

The boys forked out quite a sum - partly from their own pocket, partly from the prize money they collected this year - to throw a dinner for the teachers, the coaches and the team members. I was given the impression that it has become a tradition that annual dinner for any team is done in such a formal and expensive manner.

The ride to Ipoh was somewhat too noisy to my liking, we had to use the 1990s bus (the one that Latoque took for a ride) because the new bus was on a trip to Singapore. I thought we would never make it to Ipoh, but luckily the skilful and experienced Pak Cik Anas pulled us through.

I was accompanied by Canoe (Class of 93) since everyone else could not make it. Canoe summoned all his jambu-catching spells from his younger days to put up with the dinner - and despite all the bitchings he hurled at me, I think he quite enjoyed the weekend.

We went through a post mortem of what happened this year and I sincerely hope everyone learns our lesson. They will be on their own next year, so we wish them all the best. We will be watching from afar.

*ps - I had a difficult task explaining that Noni Kapet does exist in our batch, with enquiries after enquiries from the boys!

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