Monday, September 05, 2005

10 Year Reunion // Class of 95

We had our 10 Year Reunion last year. True to the spirit of "kera sumbang" and breaking every rule and tradition there was, for the first time in so many years, the batch which was supposed to celebrate a 10 Year Reunion did not come back for the MCOBA Weekend in 2004. Yes, none of us actually went back (even if there was any he would have been skulking around) - which spinned so many rumours after that.

We found out from some people later, that apparently we boycotted MCOBA Weekend in protest of MCOBA's refusal to fund our grand reunion. We could only laugh at that because:

i) the word "boycott" was rather inaccurate, considering we did not go back to any MCOBA Weekend since 1994 anyway ha ha, so it was not as if we could boycott something that we never ever did in the first place

ii) we know MCOBA was not swimming in cash, so only idiots would have gone to MCOBA to ask for donation for their batch's reunion

The truth was we wanted a private and personal gathering. Meeting your batchmates again after 10 years was not a small thing, and we didn't think having other old boys around would allow us to spend much time together with batchmates, with the teachers and enjoying ourselves.

That was the sole reason we had our reunion outside MCOBA Weekend and just among ourselves last year.

And it was a very meaningful event indeed - with the teachers all present and many faces you had not seen before. It started with career talk and scholarship process briefing, then tea, then sports, then dinner, then Subuh berjamaah (errr only one person), then sports again and then farewell under the Big Tree.

As a token of appreciation and contribution, however minute it was, we managed to pool some money to buy al-Quran and sajadah for the new surau.

The decision to hold 10 Year Reunion outside MCOBA Weekend attracted mixed views of course.

But surprisingly Class of 95 decided to "continue"* with what was started - to hold 10 Year Reunion outside MCOBA Weekend. I was told that they contributed a laptop and magazine subscription to koleq this year.

Personally speaking, I hope this will continue, or at least the custom that the batch celebrating the 10 Year Reunion contribute something to koleq (I am sure this started way back anyway).

However from my limited knowledge of Class of 96 (I bloody hell did not understand my F3!), I can bet they will revert to cleberating in conjunction with MCOBA Weekend. I don't think they share our passion to be "kera sumbang" or our pride and passion for breaking tradition ha ha....

* ps - "continue" might not be accurate as the decision to hold it separately could have been made independently from ours

pps - Looking at their 10 Year Reunion T-Shirt, I thought we could have improved the design a bit ha ha (Epit, Abon, jangan kecik hati, but agak lah buruk our logo)

Class of 95


  1. hehe. on the contrary, rough. the plan is still underway, but everyone agreed that our anniversary will be held outside Perak.

  2. Quote laa nama aku besar2.

    Some people still think Noni dah jadi English teacher nowadays and help maintain our batch blog you know (and nope, I am not engaged to her).

    Takkan kat KL kot, giler koman. Kalau buat kat Perth ke, kat Disneyland Hong Kong ke, tabik laa sikit.

    Sky Kingdom OK jugak.