Saturday, September 17, 2005

Annual Makan Post Defeat - Coaches Session

Ben : Aku cadangkan Canoe jadi treasurer setahun lagi...
Ben : Cadangkan cadangan ditutup...
All : Setuju...*
Canoe : (Habis lah duit aku for another year...)

Canoe making call to banks to check accounts balances after the unanimous appointment

2 coaches separated by 14 years (ha ha rub it in...)

Aftermath - after 100++ pieces of yong tau fu...

We have this annual makan-makan since last year - last year it was Ben's treat, this year it's mine (hence why makan yong tau fu je ha ha ha).

What will happen next year - no one knows. As usual, this early on no one would give a commitment for the next season, what with the next PPM to be held in Kuantan etc.

But we hope next year we will be joined by the new set of coaches from the late 90s batches - so that some of us the older ones can take some rest.

And they can pick up the tab as well once in a while, since they will start working by then.

* ps: The meeting was conducted in the true spirit of pemilihan AJK persatuan or election for house's office holders. One will nominate, one will immediately propose for nomination to close and second his own proposal, and the hall will shout in unison "setuju..." - followed by laughters, because the guy who they had just elected most of the time was the last person who wanted the post. Classic.

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