Monday, September 26, 2005

You Think You Love Koleq So Much...?

Food for thought. We like to beat our chest and trumpet to the whole world of our undying love of this place called MCKK - for what it has done and given to us. In fact this blog is in one way or another a shrine to MCKK (apart from its other functions to keep the writer sane).

How much would you give to MCKK? Did you ever contribute anything to MCKK? We all know the school is coming to the ground (figure of speech here, don't point out to me that the Big School's graeco roman pillars still look very strong, I will not be amused), but if MCKK sounds the horn for help today - would you give up your entire life saving?

Maybe we Malays are the ungrateful lot who like to talk a lot and do very little... what say you?

Twins donate all their savings to repay kindness

BY SYLVIA LOOI (from The Star)

IPOH: In their time of need, their school came to their aid.

So, when SJK (C) Wan Hwa sent out an appeal to raise funds for its new building, former students whom it had assisted in the past were the first to come out to help.

Among them were 21-year-old twins Lee Yueh Wan and Yueh Ngor who donated their entire RM20,000 savings yesterday.

Yueh Wan and Yueh Ngor, who suffer from thalassaemia, said they were just seven years old when the school raised funds for their medical treatment.

“We are very grateful to be alive today because of the caring efforts of our school,” said Yueh Wan, a Second Year interior design student.

DOUBLE THE GENEROSITY: Yueh Ngor (left) and Yueh Wan were given a new lease of life thanks to donations raised by SJK (C) Wan Hwa 14 years ago. Yesterday, they return the favour by giving their entire RM20,000 savings to the school’s building fund. She added that their school had 14 years ago, raised RM200,000 and the money was shared with three other pupils who also suffered from the same blood disorder.

“When we learnt that Wan Hwa needed funds for a new block, we wanted to reciprocate,” said Yueh Ngor, the younger twin.

“Money is not everything. What is the point of having money when we do not even know if we will live tomorrow.

“What is more important is to help our old school construct a new building, which can be used for generations to come,” added the accounts clerk.

The twins still require treatment and spend a total of RM1,300 monthly for their medical expenses.

Other former students who contributed generously included Ye Li Ming and her four siblings. Together, they donated RM105,124.15 to Wan Hwa.

Li Ming, 32, her sisters Li San, 30, and Li Jun, 29, and brothers Jian Hua, 34, and Jian Zing, 23, had also received aid from the school when they were students as their parents had passed away.

On Saturday evening, the school held a concert featuring singers from Taiwan and Malaysia to raise funds for a new four-storey building.

The school’s board of governors chairman Tan Mung Lee said the new building at Taman Rasi Jaya in Menglembu here would cost RM6mil and they had only raised RM3mil to date.

“We are still short of RM3mil and hope to raise the funds so that the new building can be built soon.”

Established in 1914, the school was previously known as Chin Tet School before it changed its name to Pin Min School in 1931 and Wan Hwa School in 1939.

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