Friday, October 07, 2005


Please block 3rd December 2005 and do not commit to anything (unless it's something to do with kahwin lari in Golok) because the self-appointed Grand Committee on Hal Ehwal Reunion (GROINHER)*, presided over by Badut, had BOOKED and PAID** a deposit to Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) for a reunion function.

We will get in touch with everyone for confirmation - it's minimally priced (within the range of RM65 to RM75 pax) as a sign of protest to whoever responsible for the escalation in daily consumption goods prices all over the country.

We are trying to get Butterfingers to give a free gig though we haven't actually spoken to Kadaque or Loque (so much for "trying to get").

We shall keep everyone updated with the details - through e-mails, this blog and expect phone calls from us.

Saya yang menjalankan tugas-tugas yang tak berkaitan dengan tugas pejabat dalam waktu pejabat,

Kuli Batak Badut


* GROINHER - in the spirit of Bung Karno and our Indon brethrens who like to give abbreviations to any phrase e.g. MALINDO for Malaysia Indonesia, MAPHILINDO when Philippines joined the group, KOMEKUAKANG for Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar etc. etc.

** When it comes to reunion or organising functions for the batch, the less consultation and the more unilateral you are, the higher the possibility for success.


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Count me in !
    I will try to be there (well, I have been saying that for the last 23345 blardy reunions. Let's see this time. SALAMMMM

  2. Fadli kaaa ni?
    You'd better booked your flight to Malaysia on that "blardy" weekend. In fact once aku cerita the whole plan, you'd definitely not want to miss this one.

    Ahhaa... sebab ni kaa kau call aku tengah aku khusyuk plan reunion masa sembahyang terawih tadi?

  3. sapa tak datang kali ni akan dihadapkan ke Unilateral Committee on Batch Membership (UNCOBAM) which will unilaterally decide on the membership la of course...apa da...

  4. 90053949:12 PM

    Allo Allo..
    Fadli hereeeeeeeeeeeee.....aku memang tengah plan bagai nak rak untuk balik tapi kalau aku balik untuk Dec 3 and tak balik untuk Raya, memang kena sembelih dengan how to choose ?..Balik Raya bersama keluarga atau balik beronggeng bersama member ??..How to choose?
    Any advice sangat sangatlah dialukan....So how ?

  5. 90053949:14 PM

    By the way, spoke to Mpro and mpro said something yang reunion kali ni JV with 96 and 98 !!
    i bet it will be a Blardy BLAST !
    btw, korang tak nak buat reunion di Australia kah ?..atau aku organize dengan Mior je laaaaa...
    bukan Mior dobi tau.

  6. Mulut kau memang besar.

    That's a tentative idea, we need to discuss with other people first. Once we have something solid then we will announce.

    With or without JV, it's going on, cuma we thought it would be something new to include all other batches who were there in 1994.

    Kau memang kepoh.

  7. yang dah confirm :

    Organiser mesti datang therefore :

    - Badut & partner(s)
    - Epit & Partner
    - Rough & (Partner?)
    - Chibiok & partner
    - Zahadin (ada partner ke?
    - Mpro & partner
    - Ezam Nor & partner & family
    - Bochap & partner

    dah 15 pax, give & take...nak lagi 85 pax je to make it go...I think we should set a minimum no. of pax for this event to go on...

  8. Aku nya partner Allen laaa...

    Do you want me to rent someone for the night? I thought theme nya back to school, couple aku in 1994 from a different batch laa...

    Stick to that one laaa...