Friday, October 28, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya From a Dysfunctional Batch

Raya season is here – while there are people who are crying their heart out because they have to work on Hari Raya in a country which is not even aware of the existence of Eid-ul-Fitri (read: Fadli), the majority of us are already in the Hari Raya mood even on the last day of the week before the festive week officially begins.

For that, most of us are not doing any work today in compensation for all the late hours spent without over time for the past 5 years (excuse maaa…)

The preparation for the Back To School Reunion on 3rd December at KGPA is in full swing. Another meeting was held last night, with a new addition to the self-appointed committee that is Epit’s wife (I completely understand and appreciate the appeal of getting married to someone from either TKC, SSP or STF, because it’s so easy for them to tag along and understand why we are what we are. They even chipped in when it comes to jambu-related jokes!)

Anyway, Badut and Epit had together vetoed and unilaterally adopted “Back to School (Make It Happen)” as the motto – I am expecting a lot of sarcastic comments from Chamat, but Badut and Epit shall confidently defend the motto they chose.

The itinerary is already being finalized – with a lot of clips and sketches from the yesteryears. It would be a blast, provided many others help us compile all the photos, clips, excerpts from highly sensitive records (read: Buku feylong) etc.

But the most important part is how you turn up – so far Fadli is so committed to wearing his fluorescent green short that he used for mandi after games hours, which he described in his own words:

“ In the spirit of "Sperek Koleq" and "UNITE FECT !! ", I will pay my share of the meal even though aku tak leh confirm that I can attend or not...Seriously, the idea of seeing 100 old friends in tight white shorts ( or in my case FLUORESCENT GREEN shorts ) is very appealing, looking at the things go now, aku tak leh nak confirm...But will definitely try to make it...watever it is, i can count on you guys on making it a blardy great event...

kalau aku jadi pergi, aku akan make sure that aku akan cari baju ahmad yang dah lusuh tu + shorts for sukan tara + black war yang kalau kau campak dalam sungai semua ikan mati...”

As for others, I heard plans to actually turn up in the F1 shorts and long socks (although to locate the long socks after 15 years will be a challenge) – but expect many house badges or black war that night ha ha.

So as you go home for this Raya, please go through your things from koleq years and decide how you want to turn up at the reunion. If you come across really nostalgic materials that are worth putting up for a good laugh, please contact one of us.

To those who have not confirmed, please do so as soon as possible, either to Epit (019 3388498), Badut (019 282 6905) or Rough (013 980 7907).

Lastly, the customary and obligatory festive greeting of “Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin”.

* ps: We used to do Warta-style Raya dedication, but we are way too old for that now

* pps: We have been calling people for confirmation, I come across one guy who had to lie instantly that he had to attend a family wedding on that particular day in order not to attend. The problem was he was a very bad liar – it was obvious that he wanted to avoid the reunion, as much as he wanted to avoid us when we come across each other once in a while. So MCKK experience is not always rosy to everyone, some wanted to forget it badly they had to lie through their teeth


  1. 90E53949:14 PM

    I am extremely honored that my "words of wisdom" were included in your narration on the "back to School" reunion project...
    but the most pressing question for me is Siapa Hamba Allah yang had to lie through his teeth just so as to avoid coming to the event ??...Seriously, it's sad that one needs to go through extreme ways of coming up with unreasonable reasons to justify his actions as the event will be a success just by the turnout of those who really want to make it happen....Enough of my leteran on a saturday night...
    so Noni Kapet, who is the mysterious person ??...u know how to contact me...:))...To all of you, please DRIVE CAREFULLY and enjoy the festive season....Salam hari lebaran from Melbourne.

  2. selamat hari raya everybody.

  3. Are you coming back or not? Those who are going to pay but not coming back are charged double you know..

    I'll reserve everything for when you come back...

    As for now, raya laa sorang2 kat sana.... Am going mad around the nephews and nieces already.

  4. Anonymous1:59 AM

    KGPA tu apa? Kat mana??

  5. KGPA = Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam.

    As you come to the junction near Eastin Hotel from KL, take right junction.