Tuesday, December 06, 2005

LTA/LTI In Koleq Terms

Still fresh from the reunion dinner last weekend (of which I will write later once all of us recuperate), even definition of LTA/LTI (if you are not in technical lines don't bother) was given in koleq's terminology:



Anybody here can explain me what's the difference between LTA and LTI? How this thing works in HSE department? Please...


Ha..ha... beza LTA & LTI mcm beza karipap and nasi lemak kat dining hall... both meant for bataq...but one is on Tuesday masa snack (which normally Science 5 yg bolot) lagi satu masa Jumaat breakfast...(which biasanya Bocap kebas sambal banyak gila....) and coincident plak..Bocap science 5...!!

So same mcm LTA & LTI..both are HSE KPI..but the only different is LTA (Lost Time Accident) and LTI ( Lost Time Incident ).... both phrases which normally people thought interchangeable actually not at least in HSE...la..

Incidents - unplanned event or chain of event which HAS or COULD have caused injury or illness or damage to property or environment or combination of these... ( e.g. sum of fatalities, Permanent Disabilities, Permanent Partial Disabilities and Lost Workday Cases )

Accidents - unplanned event or chain which HAS caused..bla..bla..bla..mcm atas la...

So the main different... Incidents includes 'Near Miss'..while accident not...

So in modern HSE practice.. those who calculate LTA.. normally 'bell' skit mcm those yang pakai spek F1 kat slides presentation masa dinner .... skit..as nowadays people are calculating LTI instead of LTA..pasal no point kalau nak calculate those dah berlaku jer..without instilling preventive culture...then normally masa calculate nak rationalize that..they come out with frequency..call LTIF ( Lost Time Incident Frequency)..formula.. (LTI/Exposure hours) x 200,000 or LTI/Exposure hours) x 1,000,000 ..depending on mazhab mana dia pakai.....US ker UK...

But in case of Muta patah tangan dulu..aku pung tak dapat classified apa..pasal aku tengok bataq pung makin banyak..and kalu ada award bataq masa dinner arie...aku sure Muta menang...!!

Wan Azman bin Wan Mahmud
Central Asia QHSSE Manager*
(Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment)


* Nasib baik qualified HSE Manager and job scope covered a quarter of the world, kalau tak haram aku percaya

** Reunion dinner was a blast, but am too buried with office work to write. Need to gather all the photos first anyway

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