Thursday, May 25, 2006

Video Terlampau, Hari Guru, Chibiok's Wedding, PPM etc

Video Terlampau

Video terlampau, starring mostly Kalai (90% of the time uninvited) and budak-budak Pavi, are in circulation now. I haven't paid mine and apparently Awie passed to Auzir, now doing some consultancy work at Khazanah - so will chase Auzir for my copy soon.

Knowing Awie, the video would have been fun and of good quality. We had sneak preview during the "Back To School Reunion" in December 2005.

(really not in my writing mood. Took me 10 minutes to write two sentences!)

Luckily many of us the low profile F5s were not featured - which was a good thing because we wouldn't be laughed at. I guess I only had one shot - trying to talk Cikgu Azizam (warden of the day) into something, most probably some scheme to keluar town haram legally in the living daylight.

Most of the footings feature 5 Sc 5 (well Awie was in 5 Sc 5 and Pavi, so naturally) - but it was good fun nevertheless.

Who would say now that abuse of school facilities was a bad thing?

Hari Guru

A posting on Class of 98, as well as Pyan's attempt at listing all the teachers he ever had, prompted some discussions between Fazurin and I while we were on the way up north last weekend.

The list of teachers that "tak lekang dek panas tak luntur dek hujan" is endless - Liew, Tan Gim Hoe, Anand, Yatie, Zaidi, Smash, Sherry, Halizah, Gedebe and many many more - so no point trying to list them here.

But we often forget about KFC (K F Chong), our Biology teacher back in 1994 - perhaps because of her relatively short stint at MCKK. Had she stayed longer, she would have been a legend too.

KFC has double first from UM, in Biology and Mathematics.

Koleq boys always tried to test new teachers and see whether she/he could cope with our antics, but we learnt from the first lesson that you could not bully this one Biology teacher.

Some of the things that she said that never fail to make us laugh when we think of her:

Scene 1 (reconstruction):

Fadli, seperti biasa mengangkat tangan and banyak tanya soalan.

Fadli: Teacher teacher, macam mana nak tampal gambar ni dalam buku report, tak de gam.

KFC: (dengan muka serius and selambanya) Pakai tahi hidung yaaaa..... (you must hear her speak first to appreciate why this is so hilarious)

Scene 2 (reconstruction):

Syed Moto, seperti biasa tanya soalan paling giler just to bring the teacher down.

Syed Moto: Teacher teacher, kenapa alat kelamin orang lelaki tak de lubang macam alat kelamin orang perempuan (well, ni aku reka, aku yang nak tahu actually)

KFC: Itu soalan kena tanya Tuhan yaaaa.....

And as always, each we asked her tricky questions or she sensed we wanted to "test" her - she would ask us "itu kena tanya Tuhan yaaaa...."

Imagine answering your Biology paper .... "itu kena tanya Tuhan yaaa"

I think she asked for a transfer in 1995 to go back to Ipoh where she lived with her parents. She was at STAR for a while, she could still be there.

One of the most eccentric teachers I have ever met.

On a related topic, I was in Kuala overseeing the last phase preparation for PPM (kalah nak pi World Cup). I notice that the no. of non-Malay teachers drops so drastically compared to our time; maybe 6-7 from a total of 70+ teachers. This cannot be good for the school - we may be an ethnic based school, but we were also brought up in an environment of rich interactions and respect and love for teachers from all the major races in Malaysia.

Stories and fond memories of EC Lim ("paham tak paham...", "lembu campur lembu, lembuuuuuu...."), Wu Kung Yoon (henjut masa assembly), Liew Lai Chun, Ling Ting Ting (well not true name, "lalat palalat"), Ooi (who speaks better Malay than majority of us), Yeap Keng Leng, Purushothanam Panicker, Thamam Singh, Tan Gim Hoe, Au Yong ("berdosa ngan Tuhan", Institut Sains Zahari cock up) coloured our upbringing. They influenced our upbringing and childhood so much that it balanced the racially laced messages we absorbed from Common Room and fire drills.

But what about today's budak koleq? What about today's kids generally?

To the ablest and most admired teachers of MCKK - we wouldn't have been where we are without your giving all that you had to us.

Chibiok's Wedding

Kahwin jugak Chibiok, selepas nearly masuk Malaysian Book of Records for pertunangan paling lama. Kalau aku tak tahu, ingat dah lama kahwin ngan tunang.

I will check later kalau2 ni ada kena mengena dengan terlupa kondom, or kondom bocor.

"Sudah terlambat, panggil tok kadi..."


Starting this weekend - ironically each year just a few days before PPM I was always in East Malaysia. Last year was Labuan, this year KK. Got bad, damn tired and this weekend it's reckning day for all that we have worked so far. Met Joe at KL Sentral on the way back from KK - hasn't changed a bit (well ada lah sikit-sikit), more of awkward silence, then chatty encounter. It's been a while.

ps: So tired, mind don't work anymore.