Monday, November 27, 2006

Bila Budak Gayat

I wanted to post a report (and kutuk2) of Badut's wedding; but something disturbed me so much that that has to wait.

Allen called just now - JPA (which previously only offered scholarship for twinning to those destined for the States) had recently decided to allow selected scholars to attempt entries to the Ivy League. Those who manage to get an entry do not have to go through the twinning program (4 years ++ in Malaysia and the remaining 2 in the States).

What nearly made both Allen and I fainted was the fact that out of 48 scholars selected - 42 were non-Malays and only 6 were Malays. Even worse, the criterion was not even that onerous - a CGPA of 3.5 above!

Which means of hundreds and hundreds of Malay school-leavers who scored in SPM and passed through the rigorous scholarship process - only 6 managed to score CGPA of 3.5 above for their foundation studies so far (which ironically I was told are made up of only English and pre-Calculus subjects!)

40 were Chinese and 2 were Indians! If you were to take the weighted average by population; the statistics would have been too scary to calculate.


I don't want to brag here - but all four of us in Scotland when we did our A-Levels scored well throughout the public school years. Fadli got the A-Level prizes for Maths and Further Maths and I for Physics and Chemistry. Allen and Jita consistently maintained top range results and straight As.

And to think that we spent our time playing cards! (as for Allen sleeping!)

When we went to the uni, throughout their uni years, I know Allen and Fadli were never beaten in exams by any other Malaysians in their department - Malays or non-Malays. They were only beaten by Singaporean Chinese - and even then once in a blue moon.

Likewise I maintained the top spot in the department in my first year (what happened after the first year was a different matter).

And again - to think that we spent most of our days languishing aimlessly and playing cards at Jita's apartment at Earl's Court!

As far as I can remember, it wasn't that difficult and anyone who scored 10A1s should not have any problem getting First Class if they don't skive classes, attend all tutorials and pay some attention. You can even get away with it (like Chamat, who spent most of his time in London and still scored First Class from Bristol).

So what really happened?

A few possible reasons:

1) Complacency - especially since they are still in the euphoria mood of scoring 25A1s in SPM. Then the "kampung" mentality kicks in when half of the people in their classrooms they have known one way or another - so people begin to slack off.

2) Bercinta - the little overgrown meat down there (or the lumps hanging just above the abdomen) swells way much earlier than it should and everything else is relegated to second priorities.

3) Gayat - the sudden freedom.

4) Plain lazy - maybe devoid of any competition; or they just view the non-Malays as completely out of their league altogether and prefer to become jaguh kampung Ulu Banat.

When I was a scholar, I was satisfied that I earned the grudging respect of the non-Malays in my uni or those non-Malays who know me from other unis - because none of them had ever indicated they doubted that I deserved my scholarship.

Be it at a public school or unis - we beat the non-Malays easily; or competed with them on equal terms.

And that wasn't even long ago; it was only 10 years ago for God sake!

If we can't even score 3.5 CGPA after getting 25A1s in SPM - what hope do we have for the future? I wish the monkeys at Umno's General Assembly were more concerned about this than the greed to ask for more and more contracts......


  1. CGPA 3.5 for english and calculus untuk pre-U course???!!!
    memang sah2 salah daging yang membekak prematurely..hehehe

    aku lagi terer...adakah bermakna kalau aku amik SPM sekarnag, aku bleh dapat 27A1???

    Ini macam, duduk seksyen 18 shah alam je la...buat apa susah gi obesea...(sbb tu aku tak layak gi obesea cam ruff n the gang)

    p/s - kata2 himah dari aku. "di dalam badan anak adam itu ada satu otot. jika terkawal jumlah darah yang dipam ke otot itu, maka baiklah badan anak adam itu dan tidaklah mereka dapat 25A1 dalam SPM dan CGPA 3.5 je untuk pre U course. Otot itu ialah bukan biceps.

  2. Setinggan Overfloor8:00 PM

    that's the sad truth...

    another sad truth, is that this truth will never be told.

    And the Malays of Malaysia will be euphoric, as usual, come result's day as another anak melayu has scored 25A1s...

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM


    U mentioned the "U" word.. kang tak pasal2 jer our beloved blog site nie kena banned.

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  5. eh dawaii desu..opsss kawaii desu ni kenal semua orang ke? bahaya ni....hehehehe :-)

  6. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Ko nak die kenal ko plak ke kno?

  7. "cik" aku kena panggil. dah le tu habis nama kita terbongkar! abu_harraz ni semua kau punya pasal laa ni.

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  9. Setinggan Overfloor8:16 AM

    kan ada live kat asro...

    "sori naik lori" - itu phrase epit...

  10. Setinggan Overfloor8:17 AM


    adik lu sapa nama?

    pasal budak koleq riuh bila post comment, tak yah risau or flattered. Depa semua memang macam tu...GAYAT...

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  12. ikut suka awak laaa kawaii.

    just in case you are not yet aware - the people who make comments here are mostly guys; and they make light-hearted comments that should not be taken literally.

    while it is ok and accepted in good spirit the jokes that we make for each other; the same cannot be said about you - because most of us barely know you; in fact i am sure none of us know you.

    it is a cyber space and you have your right to post whatever here, but please also understand that this is not a public notice board.

    it is getting a bit personal and i would appreciate if you refrain your comments to non-personal stuff.

    we can't make comments on people just because we read their postings on the net - as if we have known them all along.

    guys will make fun of each other; and if you are offended because some of the comments were not to your liking; you should have known better.

  13. Anonymous9:24 AM

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  14. Anonymous9:27 AM


    aku tak paham maksud ko yg adik kau baru masuk; then "candlelight".

    Apenda tu?

    Candlelight masa orang nak blah koleq laaa...

    Aku batch 9498; nak gi cari sapa adik gawaii ni.

  15. sorry for the intrusion. already apologized for that much2 earlier.
    while i try to globalize my comments there are people who just try to narrow it down. like ur latest post regarding education issues, now that is global issue kan but then again i'm sorry perhaps my way of expressing myself way too mesra-alam. u dont understand and i'm not too sure how to explain to u as i feel it's useless anyway.


    i'm verymuch aware of the fact that this is a guys' domain and i'm the only girl here and as said earlier, i am a stranger to u people. perhaps u r rite. i shouldnt interfere here...

    sorry but i read many,many other blogs online not just yours but somehow,but only ur page and abu harraz page will i drop comments. again, sorry for the inappropriate ways of doing it.

    i'm already aware of what's coming and i think u should be prepared as u know ur friends are bound to joke around and i think u r the one who cannot accept all of these, afterall u have that right, this ur blog for God sake! sorry again. i knew i was rite to withdraw myself from here...

    again should any of my comments offended u i'm sorry. and i thought i've grown custom to the community here.

    sorry once again.

  16. pergh..apa citer jadik serious plak tetiba ni semua orang?

    adakah aku terlibat?
    adakah kno terlibat?
    adakah blogspot terlibat?

    kawaii, dawaii, gawaii...pun terlibat??

    memang GAYAT semua orang...hehehe...

    chill...(jangan la pulak cili)

    p/s - bila masa plak aku bongkar nama orang ni? ada ke? aku mintak maap..aku tarik balik perahu dan kata2 aku ye....

  17. Anonymous4:13 AM


    Anak-anak (sebut gaya ustaz latif)...pasai apa jadi mcm ni. Seminggu tak tengok blog, nampaknya dah ada crisis. Pasai apa ni Rough, Pyan..Cuba habaq skit. Macam ada yg merajuk ja. Aku ingat aku sorang ja yg kejap ada kejap tak dak, ni kawai desu (sapa kawai desu ni??) pun dah mcm tak puas ati. Rough..aku balik KL nanti hg kena cita sket, heheh..blanja skali la.. Hang kan tuan muda petronas..gaji besaq...


  18. zahiq

    kalau aku nak jawab macam ada budak2 jawab dalam surau yg buat kita kena fire drill buleh....?

    "Bapak kau setan" ha ha ha

  19. Setinggan Overfloor8:00 PM

    la...dia remove betoi komen2 dia semua...

    pasal itukah budak koleq jarang disukai ramai???

    tapi, kalau jawapannye ye pun, aku pedulik apa...hahahahah

  20. ha ha as if we don't live that life all along. we used to have girls boo-ing us all the time - aku dalam hati selalu ckp "sore losers, orang x nak layan mula boo.. gila tak lady like".

    anyway it's the ettiquette... in a public domain like this, you must be willing to receive as much as you give out...

    You can make comments, but others can make comments too...

  21. bini aku tak penah boo aku..hehehe

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  23. SORE LOSERS, huh?
    thank you very much
    i dont come here to create any chaotic environment, that's why i tend to leave, bukan pasal ada org tak layan. get it right sir!

    i'm always willing to recieve but kena adil lah.

    anyway, just forget bout it, malas nak gaduh. especially dgn clan yg i betul2 respect. kita ni siapa.. pipit

    dah apologize pun tak cukup lagi, berkali2 pulak tu..

  24. babe,

    jangan le sensitif sangat... i was referring to some girls while we were growing up, who boo-ed us and threw things at us because kitorang tak layan them.

    not you.

    it was in the context of setinggan's remarks that "orang tak suka budak mc".

    that's nothing new to us, since we have had encounters all along.

    we are quite old already, i don't think we go for character assasination on website over some trivial comments.

    you are welcome to post, comments, do whatever - i only ask you to be careful so as not to make personal comments, because you don't know us, as much as we don't know you.

    there are other people who post comments here too, and I would have said the same thing if they touched anything personal.

    as always, you are welcome to post and please put this behind. it'll look really childish (for all here, and I am not referring to any specific party).

  25. betul tu...salah paham nih...

    marilah pipit terbang bersama garuda dan kasawari dan burung unta dan 'burung' koleq dan gagak (che tam) dan segala jenis burung.

    bak kata air asia:
    "kini sesiapa pun boleh terbang'

    p/s ada wood pecker ke?

  26. betol ke budak pompuan tak suka budak koleq? korang jer kot.. hahaha.. aku siap kene ngorat the whole way from KL to KK on the bus.. :P

  27. ngkau jambu, sbb tu laaa

  28. ooh abu harraz, hari ni banyak loceng ke kat ofis kau... giler class loceng semua joke2 kau hari ni ha ha

  29. Anonymous9:29 PM

    tu joke orang2 maqam tinggi rough..hang kena paham maksud dan asbab abu harraz buat joke tu..bukan sebarang nie...

  30. i agree let bygones be bygones, i'm not the sulking type, just try to avoid further chaos...

    anyway, for any member of the 9094 clan or just anybody at all who feel offended or felt insulted with any comments that i've posted here or any other neighbouring domains, i'm terribly sorry and they are all purely unintentional.

    sorry anyway, the only reasons i apologized numerous times is simply because of our age differences. but younger as i may appear compared to member of this so-called dysfunctional community (as claimed by members themselves, no offence), demo... still i'm 3 years away from 30, an age which is no longer suitable for this sort of thingy...

    anyway, sorry again to all... no offence in, no offence out ok..

    world peace, no war, belia benci dadah, majulah sukan utk negara

    p/s: nobody attend ka Biomalaysia yg sdg berlangsung at KLconvention Centre now? launched earlier's till friday? i'm around. what do u people feel about these things?

  31. 90053945:48 AM

    masha Allah !!
    tak mengucap koma..the news was about the malays' underperformance in the JPA selection process but all of the comments was about kawai desu bergaduh dengan budak koleq..
    apa relevannya tu?
    Go back to the main topic.
    What should we do? What can we do? why did our brothers perform so badly? is it just gayat? is it dilamun cinta? or just pure complacency?

  32. Anonymous7:33 AM


    aku ingat semuanya disebabkan kelalaian akibat dibuai kejayaan spm yg baru lepas.

    Mereka pastinya masih kuat berpegang kepada pesan rakan kita yang berbunyi

    "rileks la..asar lambat lagi.."

    seraya menggoyangkan kaki dihujung kepala katil. Natijahnya, itula..

  33. nampaknya minggu bahasa melayu juga telah melarat ke sini, sehingga komen pun masih dalam bahasa melayu.

    begitulah malangnya nasib kita. "pemimpin" bercakap tentang revolusi mental tetapi oleh kerana mereka sendiri kurang membaca agaknya, mereka tidak tahu perkataan revolusi itu maksudnya sesuatu yang drastik.

    yang kita lihat sekarang yang drastik hanyalah kadar penurunan kualiti, bukannya langkah yang diambil untuk mengubah atau membendung gejala ambil mudah ini.

    Yang paling sedih, ini terus menerus mengukuhkah stigma bahawa melayu bodoh dan melayu malas, sedangkan kita yang hidup setahun jagung ini tahu - dengan pendekatan yang betul, "kayu dan lobak" (carrot and stick) yang betul, melayu pun boleh bersaing atau lebih baik berbanding yang lain.

    apalah malang nasib bangsaku.

    kita dirompak di siang hari oleh kita sendiri.