Friday, June 01, 2007


There will be no blogging on PPM this year, a moratorium which I shall observe.

1) English lost to STAR at semi (we have defeated them 3 times this year in all 3 matches but voila)

* this is not considered blogging, but an update of the results he he

2) BM lost to SASER at quarter, the latter eventually lost to SAINA; a school which we have beaten in every single debate we had with them in the last 2 years (but never fail to go to PPM final)

So what's new?

It's a jaguh kampung competition, kan Haqqa?

So I would appreciate if I am left alone and please do not SMS me, call me or email me to find out what has happened - please refer back to previous years' blogging or commentaries because it's the same thing. Not only you will just get a recycled piece, you can get an earful of shouting and rage too.

Now I want to stuff myself so much till I become so fat I get a disability allowance!


  1. Sadly,yes.It is a jaguh kampung competition.I'm still feeling sad for the boys...

  2. noni,
    hope you can be patient..
    understand the frustration, especially after spoending so much time and devotion and yet..

    it's time for you to rest and think abt ur life now

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    mmm...maybe it's time to concentrate on developing anak-anak itik pulak? furthermore, in hockey if you score more goals, you win, no judges' biasness involved..hehe

  4. maybe i just want to quit it all. plus, that's not the deal when we started Mighty Ducks - I start, you guys continue and sambung while I retract ha ha ha.

    next week it's already intensive training for mighty ducks ha ha

    dah la kalah, tengah aku nak hantar budak2 semua (ye lah supir terhormat) ha ha I FUCKING SCRATCHED MY FUCKING CAR.

    How bad can it be?

    So aku car-less for days and my other car is in Kemamang maaaaa....

    Aku sungguh2 tensi sekarang.

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM

    how bad can it be..mmm..if the supir tak di offer sympathy for the scratched car or thanked for the free ride..bad lah tu

  6. woi canoe pi buat kerja laaa ha ha...

    aku dah agak laaaa

    lain kali nak buat anonymous posting make sure la pandai cover.

    ni dah terbongkar cover ha ha ha

    pasal the car, aku turn the car 180 degrees within a very short space because blocked on all 4 corners, ada space sikit je to the right tp kat belakang. so first i had to turn the car 180 degrees, then manouvre kereta gedabak tu dalam space kecik tu.

    how i wish i drive viva!!! malas nak pikir pasal keter tu, la ni kita serupa la kot!

  7. Get a life bro
    Pegi la dating dgn kawaii tu
    Mana tahu, kalau ada jodoh...

    Lagipun tak guna tnesion pasal benda2 yang luar bidang kuasa ko...

  8. fuzzy wuzzy8:06 PM

    haha yes, go laa hang out with noni, instead of some young nubile boys.. kah kah kah

  9. ngan noni or kawaii?

  10. lor.. nak kuar ngan kawaii pun apa salahnya. Kawan2 hanay mendoakan yang terbaik saja...