Friday, August 17, 2007

Bapak Itik Kena Tipooo Dengan Anak Itik (Roast Ducklings Anybody?)

Satu e-mail di pagi buta:

"It is 2.22 am and aku rasa compelled to write this email.

As aku tengah sibuk giler babi nak prepare everything including for games, video, packing belum lagi... information mula lah trickle from KK.

Latest no: 14 orang je, from the original 50+.

F4 8 orang
F2 5 orang
F1 1 orang

And F1 10 orang ckp nak keluar main hoki. After all the trouble to persuade them. F3 tak de sekor pun.

Ha ha ha (gelak insane)

So yang kita bayar makan tu memang burn saja too late to cancel.

Badut you have to tell Athens, change all the training plan. Now gear more towards tactical, less on basic.

Parachute game aku x sure boleh buat ke tak, x cukup orang. Sia2 aku break all IP laws.

Aku tak sure ini namanya ujian - or a sign from God that we have no business doing this and trying to make good with anak orang! Maybe if the parents were not bothered in the first place, the school is not bothered (aku dpt quite a heart wrenching news even today), why on Earth do we bother?

This is the time I am in great need of sex and incapable of even contemplating one, since all the energy is drained. Not to mention we all have to be in office early in the morning and try to be a model employee.

Idzam apa kau nak ckp kat anak kau ha ha ha.

And as I am typing this - PC aku slow giler burning all the materials planned for this weekend's training.

Ha ha ha (gelak makin insane)."


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    saje nak beat kawai..

    -itik tak sedap dimakan, buffalo yes-

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    aku pun saje nak beat kawaii

    kitorang kesian kat hang je..

    "rain or shine"

  3. ????
    bawak bersabaq...
    sooner or later they'll see...

  4. mana aci, korang bapak2 itik aku dah sms at 4 am, memang laaa korang cepat dtng bg comment.

    anyway everything ada silver lining, so twist of events turns better after all, so clarification per e-mail:

    "Ha ha ha aku akan simpan the good news sampai tengah hari, and tunggu korang tertanya2.

    Anyway aku paham korang punya frustration, but we have to put things in perspective:

    1) Aku apologise lah kat sapa2 yg call or sms aku this morning and aku cranky giler (ni Epit la ni ha ha) sebab although aku pun annoyed, tp we cannot lose the big picture. Tadi Badut tanya awat lak aku macam OK je and tak melompat - but I thought it was not a big deal after all. Some setbacks macam ni, actually is an opportunity that we should capitalise.

    2) To me, the only setback is only because kita plan to train the basic skills for f1 and f2. now f1 and f2 tak de, yang lagi banyak f4.

    3) So memang plan lari sikit lah. But no problem, kita just switch the emphasis to train tactical for f4 for the hockey training.

    4) At the same time, to have 5 f2s is actually good. by the time diorang f4, there will be 10 of them je. 5 is already half of the team. now we have opportunity to build rapport and build this core group of f2s yg akan diehard speret mcm am and gang.

    5) well so what if we don't have f1 and f2.... we still have 1-2 years to train them.

    6) my oversight to have been taken 100% by bdak2 f4 nya confident that semua nak stay back. bdak2 f4 lak - they think just becos diorang speret mcm nak rak, semua juniors diorang mcm tu. but we should not take the credit away from them. bdak2 ni single handedly get juniors to play hockey in droves, from nothing. aku x nak kita terjadi harsh ngan diorang because they do turn up, yg x turn up nya juniors.

    7) kalau kita pikir2 pun, memang laaa f1 takkan nak stay nya. home sick lagi. masa aku dulu f1, dany and benan nak bawak pi ppm. hampeh aku nak ikut cepat2 aku balik kg. padahal aku tengok2 dua2 f5 tu agak lah menggerunkan. ni lagi lah bila zaman x de firedrill semua, memang laa budak2 ni nak balik. so don't take it too harsh on them.

    8) kadang2 kita lose sight that we've only done this for 5 months, sbb everything went so well. i took longer with the debaters la, so just hang on there.

    9) every little time they spent as a team will strengthen their bond, so mcm mana pun there will be something out of this

    10) at least we can understand the boys better and in the future banyak do's and dont's yg masuk lessons learnt bank

    tapi sebenarnya aku ada satu good news yang lagi satu ha ha ha

    (and canoe, aku langsung tak panas so nasihat kau kat allen suruh dia beli kipas besar nak cool down kan aku tu ha ha. aku sabar tahap wali2 sikit hari ni, sbb ******* pun baru announce bonus semalam ha ha ha

  5. dapat bonus...

    patutla cool je

  6. setinggan overfloor11:05 AM

    dang, miss again...

  7. Ko lembab la setinggan ...

  8. Salam..

    if u guys gi ke website Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage (KEKKWA) in the ministry's background section is all about MCKK. Aren't u guys proud? of course this has got to do with MACOBA la...