Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Weekend's Combined Training

While there were things that did not go as planned, there were others which were beyond our own expectation.

The boys had fun, so did we. Although the tactical training for hockey could not continue for many factors (which I do not want to divulge here), we switched the whole weekend for team building purposes. We even went out for dinner (and I have never seen teenagers that hungry before, it was worth every penny since they cleared everything) and from the little deeds like getting them their tickets, making sure they boarded and left safely, ferrying them back to their parents even - they would understand that we really care. And that's a good start for everything.

As for the debaters, it is the best indication I have had for so many months. We discovered a near prodigy for the English debate, just as I was struggling to plan for next years when the current generations leaves (we have not even recovered from Haqqa's and Buck's departure). It was really like something sent from Heaven, what remains to be seen is whether he has it in him to be what he should be. That requires the right attitude and I can't assess that until later. But talent wise - I was staring at a future legend.

The BM boys were as upbeat and consistent as ever. Aslam and Aleng stayed back to begin their stint at this side of the fence - as coaches. Aslam still has difficulty accepting that he is no longer a debater (so we joked) having had the most number of caps as a koleq debater in recent memories since 1995, but I was glad that he finally let his hair down and was giggling and laughing all along. Gone were the stressful days of PPM. Ed and Nab could not join because of family matters.

We nearly had to stay in NH since all rooms were booked in Kuala Kangsar, but after a tour of NH's shower room I told myself quietly that I am no longer a 17 year old and would never be able to put up with school hostel - so we changed our minds at 1 am, driving around looking for a room to sleep.

We did find one, but it's really fit for a brothel and prostitute den - who was I to complain at that hours. At least it did have an air-cond and en suite hot shower (with a broken shower head that sprayed water all over the place you really risked getting eletrocuted).

At the end of a long day at 3 am, trying to finish the planning for the next day - we asked ourselves why we do what we do.

I was having doubts at that hours, but the next day I met Sherry, Cikgu Umi, Ustaz Ishak and Cikgu Badri who were us for the training.

The pride they had in their eyes for how these boys have changed, for whatever little improvements they had had - is a sea of comfort to tell us that it was worthwhile. It reminded us that together with the teachers who care, we really touched these kids' life.

And what's greatest satisfaction can you have in life, but to touch the lives of others.

A good weekend well spent though very tiring.


  1. hahaha...
    good for u...
    baru balik la ni...?

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Apasal gambar2 kurang lawa/sharp?

  3. setinggan overfloor10:59 AM

    miss again...

  4. banyak songe la gambar x lawa.
    Nak lawa pi sendiri la kk masa orang training and ambik sendiri.

    gambar x sharp sbb from camcorder, grab from the still image.

    (ye aku tengah pms ni)

  5. ntah ! aku post gambar pakai handphone terus kluar komen2 pro, takde flash la, takde nur la...tensen ahak ahak...aku lagi pms dari kau.

  6. itulah balasan mendhu***kan orang 'ngku...

  7. sama2 pms la kita, at least kau boleh pinjam bini punya...

    ntah banyak songe la semua orang, nak maintain sendiri malas, lepas tu banyak songe. apa ingat moyang korang bayar ke aku ngan awie tolong ambik gambar yg ada flash etc. etc.

  8. huuhu

    bakpo noni bekeng?
    i pun nak pms gak la

  9. I_love_kawaii_desu8:30 AM


    buat ape la u nak org bekeng mcm noni ni? baik u pilih I...lelaki paling romantik. I paling tak pandai nak marah perempuan la...

  10. noni,
    are u aware that ur blog is listed in the malaysian bloggers directory @ ?

    or did u register?

  11. nope i didn't register.
    thnx for highlighting - it's that supposed to be an honour to be listed?

    maybe it was listed because it keeps coming up for porno search.

  12. an honour...
    maybe la kot since u need to register for that..

    tgk gaya cam gov is monitoring us je...

  13. khahaha,
    "at last aku jumpa jugak link ke gambar zar-zan",
    alih2 kluar gambar keranduts depan kapet-fect room...mmg fu la

    patut la page ni top rank, itu taktik kau nak kekalkan sidebar tepi yg ada tulih zar-zan tu sebagai tarikan ye. sampai sanggup memaksa rakyat jelata scroll kanan.

    kadar pms aku dah menurun. pissed-man-syndrome, not the other one. wah korang penah kena kirim beli tuala wanita tak? 5 minit ngadap rak, yg ni ke yg tu ke, last2 sampai rumah salah beli.

  14. ha ha awie now kau tahu tactic aku. zar-zan tu lah top contributor to hit ha ha, plus gadap nya posting on konek.

    nasib baik x de orng defame blog ni sbb misleading pasal gambar zar-zan.

    nanti la kalau aku rajin aku buang scroll tu, malas la nak tinker ngan code ni.

    dah salah beli, kau pakai je lah. kau pun selalu pms kan ha ha ha