Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bila Senior Kena Sound Dengan Junior

Haji Bochap, our PTD in JB had a rude awakening when his innocent request to change e-mail address for MCOBA-Net's subscription, was met with some rather stern comments from a junior. Even more so when the junior was really close to Mpro - so Mpro was quiet all along.

This is dedicated to Haji Bochap

Haji Bochap:

Tuan moderator, harap dapat ditukarkan address sedia ada kepada

Shahrul Shari


Another request to change or unsubscribe accounts. Bro, I attach my previous email on the same matter:

You can DIY by following these steps:

1. Just visit the MCOBA-MALAYSIA Yahoo Group.
2. Then click "Edit Membership" icon
3. Unde the Email Address, click "Add Email Address"
4. Type your new email address
5. Yahoo will send verification to your new email address, just click for verification
6. Once you click the verification, you will be redirected to your "Edit Membership" page, just choose your new email address, and click "Save Changes"
7. Process done!

Let us help our Moderator to manage our yahoo group with these simple steps. It's not his duty to change everything, as he is keeping this group voluntarily.

Idris 9296


  1. Unfortunately aku dah tak boleh reply to the group (kena block) pasal issue ni.. But dgn tuan haji himself, aku dah settlekan bagi pihak tuan punya badan..... hahahaha.... harap maafkan.... bukan salah ibu mengandung, salah brader yang parking serong...

  2. wa tak puas hati11:33 AM

    mana boleh asyik brader je nak cover

  3. aku xparking serong4:05 PM

    ha ha aku pun x puas hati, asyik brader nak cover brader yg selalu parking serong je he he

  4. yang x kisah parking serong or x serong, janji dapat parking9:03 AM

    noni, gile lame aku tunggu ko update blog...kat turkmen xde internet access ke?

    this week, ade session minum air jamban tak?

  5. long live the moderator(s)!

  6. Siapla kau awi, time kau parking, biar kau kena clam!!!