Tuesday, January 06, 2009

6 January 1990

I can’t remember how Kuala Kangsar was the night I made my way there (and by mistake ended up at the Christian cemetery in Bukit Chandan).

I remember Prep School was full of lights and how majestic Big School was. I remember the emptiness and the fear that I had to part with my parents for good.

I can’t even remember what was it like on the registration day, except that Capoe made a complete fool of himself wearing the school uniform (ha ha ha). I remember Fadli (and Uncle and Auntie) looking very busy.

I remember the tears when my parents finally left.

The rest of the days are blurry now; not as vivid as we used to remember them. I know we constantly talk about the same stories and jokes over and over again, but mostly because we desperately want to remember them. Age does this terrible thing to us – it makes us forget.

I think I know the pain and long nights doing the push-ups, half way downs, all those duck walks, the Common Room session – the frustration (and loathing) when the prefects or seniors did the most terrible thing to your class during night preps. But I don’t remember how they were exactly.

I don’t even remember the greatest days of my life in MCKK – when I won PPM; or when I was splashed all over the newspapers with the then Deputy Prime Minister (and an heir apparent) for winning Carey Award. I don’t remember clearly any one of the Speech Day that I received prizes.

Age does this terrible thing to us.

But what I do remember is as follows.

I remember every single kindness that every single one of you had done to me. The early days with Awie and the Terengganu boys when we were inseparable.

I remember the random kindness that was small in deeds but big in virtue – the surprise birthday party your close friends organized for you, the small pat on your back by your bedmate telling you that all would be fine.

I remember the feeling of togetherness that if we were to go down, we go down as brothers and we would withstand pain and laughter as one. I remember the pride (and not anger or frustration) when I had to take the fall for my friends.

What I will not forget is how we have come a long way as friends and brothers – that the tie we knotted on that day is stronger than what we could have imagined when we were in koleq. I will remember how we grow up and learn to respect each other and accept people as they are.

I remember how for the last 19 years, there has always been someone who was there to catch me when I fall; without fail and unconditionally.

I remember because the kindness and the strong bond do not wane with age, it only gets stronger.

Thank you for the 19 years of the best part of my life – to be a part of something so humble and kind.

Happy 19th Anniversary Class of 94.

Lama sungguh aku sudah mengenali kalian semuaaaaaaaaaaaaa
19 years is it??So esok aku akan beREUNITE Fekt dengan Sheppe di Temasek sambil mengimbau kembali zaman aku masuk Prep School dengan Seluar Fluorescent colour hijau Pisang Muda.

Any other plans??19 years mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Tuanya akuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Sila lihat file attached

Hepi besday semua!

Dah tua dah kita..
yang dulu bujang, sekarang dah kahwin..
yang dah kahwin, dah beranak..

luv u all..
Long Life Yengko94!

Long Life (sic) Blood brudazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Boleh tak??

[long live laaa Fadli…]

Selamat menyambut ulangtahun ke 19…..

selamat panjang umur. murah rezeki.

awie mana? sibuk penamaan calon ke? awie ke, kno ke - buat la satu entry colourful kat foyer, blog bell dan blog noni kapet untuk mengingati hari ini.

sekadar mencadangkan.

selamat ulangtahun semua budak2 90-94 ..


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Aku lagi fooler dari capoe, rasanya aku pakai baju sekolah gak, tapi seluar sekolah hijau. Cuba teka siapa aku ?

  2. ha ha ni misteri ni.

    aku hilang akal la bab ni, sbb x pernah pun ada sapa2 kena caught pakai seluar sekolah hijau.

    aku rasa Toje........!!

  3. to all members of 9094

    Happy 19th Anniversary..

  4. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I am amazed at how close you boys are as a batch, even at this age.

    Congratulations on your 19th anniversary.

    MCOB (much older)

  5. selamat hari aniversari ke-19,

    yg ke-20 apa plan?

  6. setinggan overfloor11:41 PM


    pakai seluar hijau? itu bukan fooler tu. itu dah foolest, muahahah...

    On my part, I'd like to think I was the most underdressed person on that day. aku pakai seluar hijau sekolah menengah & round neck t-shirt warna kelabu (tucked out) & pakai sandal. It was not planned though, as I wanted to change into the "manager estate uniform" when i reached koleq. But as fate had it, hanya capoe yang dipilih Tuhan pada hari itu untuk menjadi sempadan & teladan & bahan tertawa kepada kita semua, hahaha

  7. Anonymous12:02 AM

    19 years. Who would have known the initial hatred and loathe for koleq's system has turned into endless love and admiration... And created such everlasting friendship... Happy birthday 9094. Still waiting for the post kenapa batch 9094 kewl ;-).

  8. ha ha aku baru dpt streamyx balik la...

    and aku tengah cari aku punya sijil pingat emas nak scan....

    aku dah hilang semua sijil2 aku kat koleq!

    whok happpeng?

    tp tak pe post akan dtng ha ha

  9. chamat11:09 AM

    I vividly remember the night I made my way to Kuala Kangsar the first time. Torches brightly lit the cobblestone path. There was a sense of excitement as I passed groups of chattering students, with their parents. Some arrived by horse-drawn carriages, and some luckier ones arrived by dragon-led chariots.

  10. dragon dancer11:39 AM

    how come you register after nightfall?

    I remembered the registration was in broad daylight.

  11. chamat11:49 AM

    Twas the night before registration.

  12. In my case, I remembered tailing a certain Ford van from the highway exit to Prep School. I know we were heading the same way as it was laden with the usual cargo - bag, pillows, etc.

    later I discovered the van belonged to arwah ayah Pica.

  13. hoi chamat - tak aci la report ke Hogwarth - tu Fazurin je.

    alaaaa aku ingat kau datang bawak Cadbury banyak2.

    Lepas tu ptng2 duduk tepi padang mcm aku.

  14. setinggan overloor4:18 PM

    sekolah chamat lagi ancient drp hogwart. hogwart report naik tren, chamat pi register naik kuda.

  15. If my memory serves me correctly, there was another person with the white uniform on that historic day - Fahmi!!

  16. a few months after registration, aku dikejutkan dengan kehadiran HM dan juga isterinya kat Dorm C. right next to my bed. rupa2 nya, ada budak kecik pindah situ, kena dok katil atas. panjat locker untuk sampai kat katil sendiri.

  17. ha ha budak kecik tu skrng, dah tepu kepaduan (ha ha density is kepaduan kan?). tp dia still kena lompat atas locker lg nak naik katil atas - cuma skrng aku rasa koleq akan bg katil bawah takut locker dan katil runtuh. ha ha

  18. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Density bukan kepadatan ke? But noni u managed to scribble down ur feelings in batch final school magazine although u hardly remember it now.

  19. chamat12:38 PM

    Apa noni scribble in the batch final school mag? Which batch punya final school mag neh? 9094?
    Kasi tau la, sharing is caring...

  20. Anonymous2:22 PM

    kalau dah noni yg jot down of course la batch ni...

    check mag 1994...

  21. chamat2:53 PM

    kau lupa yg noni claim batch 2004 gak? aku xde koleq mag with me, kasi la tau apa dia scribble

  22. ooowhhh i feel so violated! boleh tak tak buat reference to benda2 zaman bulu hidung aku tak de lg?

    errr i can't remember what i wrote in koleq maq, but koleq mag was not the proudest things i did ha ha.

  23. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Tgkla Nanti after 15 years ada pulak yg ungkit apa noni scribble kat sini haha.

  24. Anonymous4:08 AM

    takde sape ke nak pdf kan koleq mag '94. Aku dah terhilangkan copy aku le.

  25. Ha ha kau sponsor budak2 mighty ducks skit, then aku dapatkan new copy altogether for you.

    He he nak tak?

    OK lah deal, satu copy aku nak jual RM100 per copy. All proceeds go to mighty ducks. Nak tak?

    Anyone interested come back to me he he (as you can tell, bapak2 itik dah x de duit nak fund anak2 itik ha ha).

  26. Anonymous8:23 PM

    noni, musykil aku, umur 17 belom tumboh bulu idong ka???

    lambat beno matang

  27. ha ha ni mcm memancing statement2 lucah dari aku je.

    ok here it is.

    i was very hairy comparatively since 16, but not in the hidung area.

    somewhere else. and somewhere else. and somewhere else too. he he

  28. Anonymous12:04 AM

    pertumbuhan yang tak balanced

  29. at least lg balance dr fadli la. ha ha