Sunday, June 14, 2009

Privilege of (Unconditional) Companionship

There is one privilege of going through an MCKK education – a privilege of unconditional companionship.

At our age, many would have completed the first phase of our working and adult life. Each of us has to go through a different kind of experience and chose a separate path; to deal with what came along.

Once in a while we summon the support system that MCKK provides to lend a hand to each other at times when all we need is just company.

Last night, 3 young fathers; after tucking their babies to sleep (and conned their respective wife that they are out only for a quick teh tarik with friends ha ha) joined 3 bachelors for a good night out.

The singing was horrendous admittedly but the good feeling; that despite all the trials and tribulations that we had to go through at our relatively young age we can always fall back to the memory of the past for a distraction; was priceless.