Wednesday, November 04, 2009

You Are Old When....

SMS 1:

"Ha ha how is he? Hope he is fine. I do miss him actually. One of these days, when the timing is right, pls tell him i've forgiven him a long time ago & had always loved him. Just in case i die young, just tell that to him. Dia kderas kepala & would never apologise, as always :-)"

SMS 2:

"The quietest people are always the most stubborn ones. He looks fine. Nothing different. Same old him."

SMS 3:

"So apa plan this weekend ni? I feel old & things r moving very fast around us. Good if we catch up. Ooo well he is like that, I think he is still wounded of having to *********. I hope it was worth it for him. It felt like ages ago ha ha"

Age is really catching up. I can feel it each passing moment.