Monday, January 04, 2010

Organization Environment

Throughout MCKK, Fadli was in the same class with me since Form 1 - the other 2 persons were Jures and Fazurin, in 1PK1, 2PK1, 3PK1, 4Sc1 and 5Sc1 throughout.

We both received Esso scholarship before we sat for our SPM and both rejected Esso the moment we received PETRONAS scholarship. I remember after a meeting at Kompleks Antarabangsa with 3 other recipients (one from SSP and 2 from MRSM), Fadli and I went to the car park afterwards and said - "there is no way we could survive ngn budak2 ni" ha ha (as it was, they were trying too hard to impress the Esso officers, in our books. Terlampau jue, budak koleq memang tak leh hidup dgn orang jue).

We went to Scotland and continued to be deskmates and lab partners (we were deskmates since Form 5 and in Form 4, he was sitting in front of me in the class) and were both in the school orchestra, both playing clarinet (we played clarinet since koleq days in what once known as Military Band). He went to Imperial and I went to Leeds but we both did Electronics and Electrical Engineering. I graduated one year earlier and started to do my ICAEW and one year later he too did his ICAEW, so we both qualified as chartered accountants.

I came back and served my bond, he decided to explore the world (and in the process had to pay the half a million ringgit ha ha).

20 years since the noisy mat salleh looking boy registered in Dorm C (my bed was near the cube and his was in the middle of the dorm), I am barely making ends meet and he's doing really well.

Fadli has come a long way (not withstanding all the gossips, blunders and many other things in between) - and I am not saying it because you have to pay for the drink every time we go out for a meal after this; but I remember how hard you work to overcome everything to be where you are.



  1. 90053946:25 PM

    mak oiiiiiii
    terharu aku baca

    anyway thanks to all of you as usual for your support and encouragement.
    This community is the only place (after family of course) where you know you can always rely on for advice and support, both in Good times and in Bad days.

    Thanks rakan rakan.
    Hidup AHMAD HOUSE !!!

    PS: Aiwa, hang bangga tak dengan ex-bedmate?

  2. dia tak bangga, sbb tu dia tak nak letak surat dia kat kau ha ha.

    kau x berkempen mcm khalid, kalah besarlah kau.

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM

    organization environment ke organization announcement ni. haha

  4. ha ha gara2 nak kejar kpi.

    gler x make sense organization environment.

    yes kpi 65 posting this year, average of 6 per month. jan dah 3. ha ha

  5. Boleh meet ker KPI kau nie?
    Posting ave kena 6.4 per mth tue beb...
    we kengkaungon u is it?...

  6. nasib baik aku dah tak keje kat GE Tower tu. kalau tak, jenuh tiap hari nak ber unite fekt dengan fadli. and epit surely will be leaving threatening messages kat aku

  7. wah...epit pun nak revive balik blog bell,
    adakah sbb tahun ni tahun genap ?

    aku rasa 2010 is a gonna be a good year.

  8. Anonymous10:18 AM

    nie mcm kempen election for fadli jer...

  9. Anonymous10:57 AM

    blog citer bell mana pernah mati untuk direvive kan. ianya hanya bergerak pada kadar perlahan.


  10. 900539412:57 PM

    Aku sokong Syed Khalid for Pres Batch !!
    aku tak qualify sebab tak tinggal di tanah tumpah darahku so marilah sama sama sokong mr Khalid.

    kalau kau kat GE Tower memang aku cari kau untuk pergi lunch sebab sini boring senyap and serious