Thursday, January 14, 2010

Suri & Sensodyne

Demi memenuhi KPI posting untuk tahun ini, segala perkara sensasi perlu disiarkan, asalkan dapat menaikkan KPI. Inilah buruknya budaya KPI tidak bertempat (he he, easy for me to say since aku la ni tak dak KPI ha ha).

Anyway, kesian Suri kena kutuk ngan budak2 Form 1 dia (see Class of 98's blog). Aku berasa sangat bersalah sebab bukanlah Suri nak pergi Prep School, both Fazurin & Suri kena dipujuk rayu pergi ke Prep School sebab tuan punya diri tak mahu pergi ke Prep School.

I remember the assurance given to Fazurin - go to Prep School but do not have to do all the things we despise. I guess that was why they subcontracted all the work to Form 4 (Paipon & Co ha ha).

Prep School in 1994 was a good memory to me. It was a place to escape from Big School (when I get tired of Big School and seeing certain things unraveling). A few of us spent a lot of time there, the RM1 nasi goreng kicap by pak cik Dining Hall was really good. Fazurin & Suri also mastered the art of going to KFC after prep, so once in a while I joined them.

Anyway, Class of 98 should be thankful that it was Fazurin and Suri who were there. That's 100 times better compared to the original line up - imagine living with a control freak, perfectionist with a big ego and zero tolerance on non-conformance. You may be asked to stare at the pillars of Prep School building until they bend, failing which it's 1,000 push ups for you.

But that is in a parallel universe.

Anyway, some answers:

1) Suri is working with a pharmaceutical company, he is not a dentist. Why they pick him up as a model - well, we too have issues with that ha ha.

2) Fazurin is currently with IMF in Washington and a previous recipient of Perdana Scholarship. He may be one of the most senior Malaysian economists with IMF now.

3) Please don't be too harsh with them - the alternative was even worse and they are among the kindest souls you can find around. It was a pity that the original terms of reference was muddled with so much interference.

Whatever it is, to Class of 98 - thanks for the photo that helps us to reach our KPI an inch closer ha ha.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Why they pick him up as a model ? Why? Why? Yes..we have backlog issue on this. Still unsettle!

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    to class of 94 - just one question from your f1. there was one f3 in prepschool that year, goes by the name of azrin. he was a jambu, so is it safe for me to assume that he was sent as a f3 prep school for security reasons, i.e. he being a jambu?

    anyways, about the kutukan we poured to suri, it's all fun, just reminiscing the good old days when our grubs were constantly missing after lights off...sape lagi yang kabus kalau bukan 'fect, kan? hehe

    - f194

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    If I remember correctly, he was was part of the new arrangement. I think it was an experimental attempt on the part of the achool whether there can be F3 Prep School, just like F3 NH. But Noni Kapet probably can explain better. I might be wrong because ny then I was too distracted by something else, hahahah.

    But it's nothing to do with him being jambu.

    -Setinggan Overfloor-

  4. Anonymous10:55 PM

    dan lagi mengayat budak f1 tu....

  5. Teringat suruh tembak kapal terbang lalu sampai jatuh, macam sial....

  6. aku jugak yg kena explain.

    1) dont worry pasal setinggan nak mengayat f1, he goes for betik only. tak minatnya dia jambu2 junior ni.

    2) f194 - actually got nothing to do with jambu. We had issues with the prefect totok as we had seen in Fect Board 93, so when 94, kitorang make sure that prefects role were curbed. I personally made some promises to HM (Dato' Hj Hassan) including to become head of Prep School "prefects/whatever you call it" masa end of f4 because he wanted orang yg a bit more less totok jaga f1 ha ha. Same arrangement for NH - KPKM were to take over PS and NH from Fects Board. Malangnya, bila dah bukak sekolah, sumpah aku tak nak pegi Prep School ha ha, ada top jambu tepi katil ha ha (kidding). So kena lah pujuk semua orang (f4 & f5) pegi prep school. tapi x guna punya budak batch, diorang ingat x yengko klu pegi jaga NH & PS, so tak de lah orng nak pegi. On personal plea basis, aku pun pujuklah fazurin & suri, tp sumpah still x de orang nak pegi. So sbb tu kitorang tarik F3 ha ha ha. Bukan sbb apa, sbb tak de orang nak pegi. Nanti lah aku tulis citer bell psl benda ni.

    3) Aku pun selalu curi grub F1 94 yg dekat dgn window sill ha ha.

  7. Anonymous1:22 PM

    punyalah dysfunctional, nak cari 4,5 orang duduk PS/NH pun susah. Semua nak joli katan duduk kat Big School (which by then dah jadi a failed state), hahahah

    -Setinggan Overfloor-

  8. hahaha.. aku suka comment nie @ blog 98:

    peah Says:

    January 11, 2010 at 10:08 am
    letak gambar laki aa..
    orang tak percaya ni blog budak koleq.

    Sah2 nie anak didik Suri, bukan Fazuzu..
    Btw 98, nice pix - fake or no fake..

  9. ni mesti bobo yg komen kat atas.

  10. laa kena spam lagi!
    suri - ada org x puas hati ngn sensodyne kau, dia spam sini.