Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Is The Judge?

“Who’s the judge?
The judge is God
Why is He God?
Because He decides who wins or losses not the opponent.
Who is the opponent?
He doesn’t exist.
Why doesn’t he exist?
He’s merely a dissenting voice to the truth I speak”
-         Taken from The Great Debaters, taught at 2009 MCKK Debating Camp

I stumbled upon a letter sent by the captain of the English debating team pleading that I do not quit the coaching, sometime last year.

I used to tell them that when I move on, I will never look back.

Well, it was a lie. We always look back to the past; it’s just that we usually are too engrossed with the present to turn back the time.

The school is redoing a selection for the whole debating team, which tantamount to dismissing the whole team that we have put together since September 2003. My heart aches for the boys as they have practised every single day since they join the team to earn a place in the first 3, but the most I can offer now is sympathy. Their battle is not my battle anymore; they can only pray that those who are left behind would stand the ground the way we would have.

This is the thing about moving on. There’s always some kind of longing (and fear for) of the people we left behind; especially if you have shielded them all along. But there is no way you can go back to what it was, because there are always new people whom your life revolves around now.

To Shahir, if you are reading this – we are all given the space and time to do justice to the talent that Allah has bestowed upon us. We were given different trials and tribulations. Your trials and tribulations are different from mine; and Allah has given it to you because it is your test, for which you are capable to overcome – since Allah will not burden you with tests heavier than what you can carry. My prayers are with you boys to do what I would have done, if I were in your situation.

We, after all, descended from a long line of debaters who have carried the burden and pride for a very long time. This is only a kink in your journey – and a kink, by nature, is only temporary.

Good luck and remember who is the Judge!

Ps: Allahyarham Ben’s birthday is this weekend, he would have been 37 years old and next weekend I am making the visit to Seremban. Time flies.

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  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Abg raf... i thot that u didnt get that letter....
    Thank u very much after all those things that you've done for us..... Dont worry bout us , we'll do fine