Saturday, May 15, 2004


Despite my earlier promise not to waste my time tinkering with the blog since I have tonnes of work to do - can't help myself (Four Tops anyway?) because otherwise, I feel like something is holding back my daily routine!

So it's done - stupid Tripod, I have to get a space elsewhere just to store pix, but 3G free of charge is not bad ehh?

So everything should be OK, have put a notice at the Tripod page that we have moved to

Now need to do what I am supposed to do today and get something to eat - not going to have a fun weekend laa mcm ni....

Most probably will be going with the Kerteh boys to Awie and Wong's wedding in KT in 2 weeks time... sapa lagi nak ikut? Ada can masuk kereta baru Jita?