Monday, May 03, 2004

It's Official – Fadhil, Fido & Murzali The Culprits

MCOBA Secretariat has published the listing of MCOBA members according to batch and finally it is confirmed that we have THREE MCOBA members from 1994. Tabulation as follows (in case you are so sad and so interested to find out how many from which batch).

Some interesting points from the stats – regardless of whatever some of us felt about the Class of 95, we actually shared quite a lot of things in common, this being one of them. We also need to find the 3 members from Class of 47 – since only 3 batches belong to the Club of 3: Class of 47, Class of 94 and Class of 95.

On the other hand, we don't appear as anti-mainstream as some of us would like to think. Although we did not have any scientific name or obsessive claim on certain things, our MCOBA member figure shows that we are as anti-mainstream as the Class of 95, which may not be anti-mainstream at all. So much for all the turning koleq upside down that was done during our time – perhaps Butterfingers shall remain the only proof of this anti-mainstream trend from 94 kot....

As for the actual culprits, I bar myself from saying anything against Fadhil since we made our moratorium (self-declared moratorium), Fido better pray tak melintas depan any of us lest dia kena kutuk for hours and hours. As for Murzali – well, it's a wild card, although one can argue whether 2 months should qualify you or not, at least Mpro and the gang had benefited from that membership of his (by claiming they were Murzali and therefore were entitled to cheaper MCOBA merchandise).

For Class of 2000 – lagi speret tak buleh?

I am surprised that Class of 96 has a rather low figure considering Jach'a is the MCOBA manager. I can only think of one thing that went wrong with MCOBA membership drive – the Secretariat Manager was/is not appealing enough for our appetite. I mean, look at all the secretariat managers, surely a blondie there can make all difference.

Get someone much better looking and we'll join in drove ha ha

* Jach'a if you are reading this, it's meant as a joke. You were the most handsome chap we ever came across throughout our short stay in MCKK, believe us.

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