Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Muta Has Been Located! Batak Alert!

Muta, my long lost housemate, has finally been located. I heard from a junior (Farouk 95) that he was still in Leeds as recent as last year - but he's back. Muta's info per Kawanku.com:

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Name : Mutanizam Mubin
School : Malay College Kuala Kangsar
Graduation Year : 1994
Town of Residence : Bayan Lepas

Email Address : mutanizam_mubin@agilent.com
Cell Phone : 0125923918

What am I doing now ? : R&D Engineer
Where ? : Agilent Technologies, Penang

Souvenir : The very first day..... 6th Jan 1990

Hang Outs : Studio Zai Am

Nicknames : Mak Cik Kapet!

Personal Update : Studying..... dropping out........ studying........... and finally employed.

How? Muta is back!
(you can tell I am really bored)

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