Thursday, May 20, 2004

Communion of Jambu

After months of hectic schedule, finally we in Kerteh managed to meet up - after being postponed for a few times. I took the opportunity to take tonnes of Bobo's pix (Jita's & Fly's were just for cover line) to provide the world the opportunity to judge for yourself -> Betul ke Bobo dah tak jambu and muka ala-ala Bochap je (sorry Bochap) sekarang.... Well judge for yourself laa...

Normal things were discussed. Jita came with his brand new Civic so we were trying hard to borrow his car to go to Wong's wedding in 2 weeks' time but to no avail. We even volunteered to pay for his flight ticket to KL that week just so that we can rev the car merentas Ganu that weekend, but to Jita - cis, material possession is more valuable than friendship.

Everyone was broke and gave all sorts of excuses, so we had to go dutch this time. Jita used our monthly gathering to break his boycott of McDonald (quite lame really) although it was not made known to us why he was boycotting in the first place. I remember when we were in Scotland almost 10 years ago - Jita made a big fuss about his craving for BigMac - now he wants us to believe he has abandoned McDonald for political idealism? Hmmm maybe not.

Although it was quite obvious that we were damn tired (my clocking 200 km to and fro the day before being one of the reasons), sex had always featured in the discussion. Bobo is promoting this new style he called "we do it sideways" which all of us are still trying to imagine.

Fly's plant was on fire last week, so I was told. Fly jaga badan, so dah tak makan dah fatty food macam McD ni - complete contrast to yours sincerely who did not hesitate to swallow large Big Mac meal. The mirinda orange with ice cream drink did not taste bad either.

From sex we moved on to politics - the Pattani incidents featured highly, so was political developments locally. In the end, Jita nearly falling asleep listening to my cursing anything under the Sun.

It was a good night out as some of us had been stressed out lately - at least you know there's a circle of friends which you can hang out with and be sure you'd have a good laugh. Along the way, 1001 nama came out in the list of our maki hamun - and yes, we were the last one to leave McD that night.

Just in case you really want to study further whether Bobo's is losing the touch - some more photos for you.

ps: "Communion of Jambu" was a tribute to a briefing once done by our prefects in 1990 to a select group of people, which included Jita and Bobo - these were the most looked after among us, the so-called potential jambus who had to be protected at all cost. In the end, hmmmm..... Bobo jadi Bobo jugak in spite of all the "briefings" etc., although that "briefing" in surau became a good yardstick of the prefects' taste back then ha ha...