Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Cikgu Yatie

Got an SMS from Mr Anand today - Cikgu Yatie, sadly is leaving koleq to pursue her Master at the end of the year - 15 years after she reported for duty in the beginning of 1990 academic session, 10 years after we left koleq.

It is sad that future budak koleq would be deprived of her charm, care, kindness and all that you could ever ask from a teacher, yet she has given too much for koleq and she deserves better.

To Cikgu Yatie (and Mr Anand), good luck to you and we go a long way. We shall be seeing more of her afterwards since I was made to understand she will be in KL

ps: To some of us, we owe Cikgu Yatie a personal debt as she was the teacher in charge of scholarships back then. Without her concern and care, we might not be where we are today

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