Thursday, June 17, 2004

Monthly Kerteh Roundtable Discussion: UC, Watermelon etc.

Happened to be in Kerteh for a meeting, so took the opportunity to meet up with Bobo and Jita for our customary monthly meeting, this time straight after work.

Venue – as usual McDonald. Because quorum tak cukup, we managed to get Amon (F5 96) whose office is just across the street to join us. Amon is getting married soon, he came with his spanking brand new engagement ring, fresh from engagement last week. That is so mencabar kejantanan since Jita, Bobo and I are still bujang trang tang tang (Bobo has been married for 4 years but only when his wife is around he he)

Talking about Bobo, he couldn’t hide the desperation given that his wife will be away for 4 days, let alone tonight is that Thursday night he he. So we had to entertain his longing for excitement for 2 hours, this time the theme is Japanese. So many things came out – am not sure whether Amon was amused or surprised listening to the kind of things we talked about.

So many times people actually stared at us because some of the really really lewd and rather crude stuff we talked about filled the air. But hey it’s a free country – that’s the least I expect from Terengganu ever since BN regained it’s footing here ;-)

Around this time of each year, one common topic in any conversation here in Kerteh is bonus. Everyone is calculating, all of us can only pray. Really need divine intervention to save us from the financial mess we are all in (one way or another) ha ha...

The next meet up will be in KL to commemorate Jita’s BNB – most probably we get one of the service apartments abundant in KL nowadays to retreat to after one whole day of doing stuff in KL, adjourned to cards, maki hamun, jokes etc. although Bobo is quite adamant on “window shopping” (what kind of window shopping I don’t know he he) since he hasn’t been around in KL for a while (nampak sangat Tanggang tak balik visit mak!)

There was one instant that we talked about this one particular koleq’s teacher whose figure everyone agreed is still smashing – that gave me that queer feeling, if 10-12 years ago it was more of innocent remarks made by pre-pubescent kids, saying it as an adult was kind of strange.

Bobo is suffering tonight.

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