Sunday, June 06, 2004

For Honour We Stand, With Valour We Fight

Need to distract myself from the sorrowful week in Perlis - need to wake up from the shock of it all, the teams were really promising. Apa nak buat tak dak rezeki.

Awie had his wedding reception (sebelah lelaki) yesterday, while today is Wong's also in KT. Initially planned to go with the Kerteh boys since I doubt many from KL can make it. But, am too tired and still in withdrawal syndrome, so don't think am fit to go out in public like that.

Anyway, came across a few very nice pictures of koleq's cheering. Was particularly proud since the "tradition" that we started in 1994 found its footing and is continuing till this very day - although it has evolved into something grander and nicer.

You can view the pictures here

The banner and cheering outfit tradition started as two separate things. The banner was the work of the cheerleaders who wanted to add some more meanings to koleq's cheering presence, so the batch (F5) collected some money, painted the banners in the most amateurish manner and voilla - banners all over the place. There were a few mottos, not the current standardised motto which was used for cheering T-Shirt during our time.

As for the cheering T-Shirt - it was the work of KPKM which wanted to make some money, at the same time get away with the impractical school uniform drenched in sweat under the scorching sun (some people including yours sincerely even wore ties just to make a point of how silly it was cheering in school uniform). The Economics Bureaux was tasked with the job - Syed Asrul, entrepreneurial as always, came up with this compulsory T-Shirt for cheering.

The design was done by Cop, Wawan, Bobo and Bochap (if I am not mistaken) - a yellow T-Shirt with Graeco Roman pillars at the front. As for the motto, I remembered how Chamat did not take long to come up with the motto "For Honour We Stand, With Valour We Fight".
The rest, as they said, was history.

I was told that the banner and cheering outfit thing was broken off during the periods 95 to 97. It was reintroduced and improved by our F1 - Class of 98. It stays till this very day, which I am quite proud of.

During the initial implementation, had an argument with Gedebe who was so angry at me for not considering what a financial burden that compulsory T-Shirt was to juniors, especially those from the less privileged family. Looking back, he was right and we should not never had assumed that RM10 was affordable to everyone.

But - thanks to Chamat, the cheerleaders and the rest - at least we can smile that we did leave a legacy, small as it is, to koleq...

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